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Gastronomy Delights with Madagascar Peppercorn

The special peppercorn from Madagascar is known as the Madagascar Black Peppercorns. It offers a pleasant aroma in its brown colored peppercorns that is not too hot for most consumers. There is a rich hickory smoke scent that can be enjoyed from Madagascar peppercorns.


The Black Madagascar peppercorns are excellent on meats; a little dash of its powdered version can enhance the meat flavor while its smoked seeds exude a delightful aroma in any dish they are sprinkled on.

Many spice shops carry this peppercorn in a variety of sizes. There are the popular 4-oz sampler size, 10-oz Value Pack size and the larger 20-oz Magnum Pack size. The 4-oz size is most suitable to newcomers to the Black Madagascar peppercorns. The medium sized Value Pack of 10 oz is great for those who want to have the peppercorn available when needed. The large Magnum pack is a must for those who really enjoy pepper seasoning on most of their dishes; they are the true pepper lovers who need a dash of the black peppercorns anytime.

Growing fame

Black Madagascar peppercorn is a rare variety to the West; its origins stem from Madagascar Island which accounts for its mass plantation and production by the French. Today, a huge import of Black Madagascar peppercorns is exported from this quaint island to all across the globe where eager suppliers are ready to receive the shipment.

A growing number of Western chefs and connoisseurs are pursuing their personal purchase of Black Madagascar peppercorns after enjoying the robust hickory smoke aroma. These special peppers come from medium-sized brownish-gray berries that must be smoked to enjoy the full richness of its aroma and flavor.

An addition of Black Madagascar peppercorns enhances the flavor of most meats although almost every dish can be a potential participant. It is noted that top French chefs would add a sprinkling or dash of Black Madagascar peppercorns or powder into their signatory dishes for the special uniqueness in taste and flavor.

Special recipes

The Black peppercorn from Madagascar enjoys a full bodied aroma that is complex with a hint of bay and citrus flavor. There is a lingering presence on the palate with a slight heat.

Those who enjoy barbecues would not skip grilling the meats with a dash of powdered Madagascar peppercorn to get the extra definite whiff in the smoke.

This peppercorn works delightfully with flavored root vegetables such as winter squash. Others more daring have attempted to smoke out the delightful hickory flavor with piloncillo or rapadura on roasted pumpkin or squash.

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Global Demand of Lampong Peppercorns

There may be a myriad of peppercorns in the market to delight the diverse consumers across the globe. A specific type of peppercorns is not limited to its original homeland today with the advanced technology that allows a quick export of plants and products from its origins to almost any other part of the globe. Technology today allows exotic plants such as Lampong Peppercorns to be grown wherever the soil condition is right.

Nevertheless, Lampong peppercorns can be exported from Indonesia to authorized suppliers across the world.


The business circle is so small today with the progressive technology that allows better presentation of Lampong peppercorns to be available at any community that desires it. Lampong peppercorns undergo a special process where moderate heat is used to smoke the seeds to be earthy with a mild fragrance.

There are smaller-sized Lampong peppercorns which are ground to be very fine powder packaged for sale. These can come in a variety of sizes in re-sealable bags such as 4 oz sampler pack, 10 oz Value Pack and a 20 oz Magnum Pack.

True pepper lovers would go for the Magnum pack so that they can enjoy more of the special Lampong peppercorns anytime at their convenience.


Lampong peppercorns can be easily accessed across the globe from any local spice shop in the neighborhood. Such delicacy is appreciated for their mild and captivating aroma which is produced from small, brown berries that exude a sweet but smoky fragrance.

Chefs and simple homemakers have found the secret ingredient in their tantalizing gastronomy; a dash of Lampong on their favorite dish to enjoy their meal. The aromatic corn can handle any type of delicacy from any continent of any tribe or tradition.

Lampong peppercorns offer a sweet flavor that brings out the other ingredients in the dish such as lemon grass and coconut milk. There is a myriad of recipes which would welcome Lampong peppercorns for an aromatic pepper flavor.

Global demand

A growing number of food connoisseurs and skilled chefs are using Lampong peppercorns in their secret recipes and favorite dishes. Some would travel half way across the world to purchase the pack of Lampong peppercorns personally while others can make a direct order from the Internet.

The cost of Lampong peppercorns is not very expensive. Its origin is a place where the currency is lower than most other countries; hence, most other countries would find Lampong peppercorns quite easily affordable.

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