South America


Do you want to go to a fun and awesome vacation or trip with your family and friends. But you don't know where to go, well you came to the right place. read on to learn more on where you can stay somewhere awesome.

Here is Brazil

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More place in Brazil

Their Languages and greetings

There are 5 languages that people speak in brazil. The 5 languages that they speak are Portuguese, Spanish, English, German, and Italian.

Here are some greetings from Brazil.

How are you- Como vai

Hi- Oi

good bye-Tcháu

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Best place to go

Do you want to know the best place to go while you are in Brazil. Well you came to the right place here are the best places to travel to while you are in brazil.

Iguazu Falls

Iguazu falls is a water fall that is between 60 to 82 meters (197 to 269 ft.) high.
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Are you hunrgy?

Here are some of the food they have when you get a appetite.

They have bread, milk, and cheese for breakfast. Lunch and dinner foods include rice, beans, meat (often beef), and vegetables. Feijoada, black beans cooked with pork or sausage, is a favorite meal that dates back to the earliest periods of slavery. Pasta, soup, and fruit are common foods, too. Kids like sandwiches or even just French bread with butter and cheese or honey. For snacks, they like Brazil’s tasty pastries as well as potato chips, candy, and ice cream.


Are you wondering what to pack, here is the weather.

Monday: 65 59

Tuesday: 65 59

Wednesday: 77 57

Thursday: 77 59

Friday: 77 58

Saturday: 79 59

Sunday: 80 60

Monday: 79 60