Mrs. Poliszczuk's First Grade Class

weekly update

September 16, 2016

This week in phonics, students practiced reading and writing words with l blends: 2 letters often seen together, with each letter making the sound it would normally make. A few examples that we practiced are slip, flip, glad, clam, and black.

In reading, we discussed what makes a good story. Students' responses were excellent! They mentioned words, pictures, and a beginning, middle and end. This week we focused on identifying the characters and setting in a story. Students read Nat and Sam and listened to the reading of Big Al and Shrimpy.

In math, students practiced identifying and putting numbers in order. As I observed, I made note if students were able to do so through number recognition alone, or if they needed assistance through pictures or connecting cubes.

In SS, students learned that maps can show continents, countries, states, cities, towns, landforms, landmarks and even temperatures. Students watched a motivating Brainpop Jr. video about reading maps. Ask your child what phrase they learned to help them remember the cardinal directions. Students had fun making their own map to show what they have learned.

Daily 5

We are continuing to practice our Daily 5 routine. The Daily 5 are literacy stations which students complete daily while I am meeting with small groups of students. We have practiced Read to Self and Read to Someone. Work on Writing was introduced through our Writer's Workshop. We will practice Word Work next week.