Bill Of Rights

Jarvis Sun U.S History, Period 1

What are the Bill Of Rights:

The Bill Of Rights protects citizens of the United States. You don't have to be wealthy it protects all citizens even you.

Amendment 1: Freedom Of Speech

Follow any religion you can gather in groups if you have complaints SPEAK UP government can't stop you.

Court Case: Miller vs California

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Amendment 2: Right To Bear Arms

To protect the country citizens must serve as soldiers most have guns to protect themselves the Government can't stop them from owning guns.
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Amendment 3 : Right To Privacy In Home

They can't go in to your home without permission.
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Amendment 4:Unreasonable search and seizure

Police don't have the right to just search through your stuff and take things away they need a search warrant.

Court case: Coolidge vs New Hampshire

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Amendment 5: Double jeopardy

For a capital crime, a grand jury has to decide if there is enough evidence to charge you or not.

Court Case: Brown vs Ohio

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Amendment 6: Rights Of The Accused Criminal Cases

If you are charged with a crime your trial should start as soon as possible.
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Amendment 7 : Right to trial By Jury

You can have a jury settle civil cases involving a lot of money.
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Amendment 8: Preventing a Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Your punishment should fit the crime.

Court Case:Francis vs Resewber

A 16 year old Willie Francis was convicted of murder. Later sentenced to death by the electric chair. due to malfunction with equipment, he received a shock but didn't die. Second time would be cruel and unusual.

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amendment 9 : Right Retained By The People

Just because they they made this list it doesn't mean they are the only rights you have.3

Court Case: Roe vs Wade

labo Abortion was still legal in Texas, A lady left her husband after her beat her she left her baby with her mother.

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Amendment 10 : Limiting Federal Powers

What if the constitution doesn't give a certain power to do something.
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