Prime Package

It's basically originality personified

What you get by choosing Prime?

  • Die-cut posters (1400mmX2000mm max)
  • spread to 50 sites
  • in one city
  • for one month


  • detailed photo reports
  • location lists
  • a commemorative 1" badge
  • posters coated with water and fade resistant Hypergloss layer
  • only 1 week to go from design to street

Why choose Prime?

It's our exclusive package and the best choice when you're seeking something truly unique and memorable. Die-cut choice allows you to make your posters into any shape that you want and the guerilla campaign makes sure they are distributed in places people can easily notice them. An original advertising campaign such as this is guaranteed to spike up curiosity and make people remember you!

How much is it?

We offer you this all-inclusive package for $15,000, GST included.

How do I order?

To order, call us at 1300 662 502 till 9PM on any business day! Tell us what you're working on and our outdoor advertising experts will help you get the most out of this package.

Would rather contact us through e-mail? No problem!

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