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So Many Changes

As an adolescent, kids are experiencing very sudden and major changes in their bodies and their minds. Although the behavioral side of change is not quite as dramatic as the physical change, it is just as, if not more, significant than it. Everyday, these kids are making great strides in the world of change.

The behavioral changes that teens and pre-teens experience are intellectual and moral. They are very idealistic and have a strong sense of what is fair. They tend to stray away from the moral judgement of an adult and start to develop their own sense of right and wrong.

Adolescence is typically described as intense and unpredictable as these kids are changing each and every day and in their own ways. Which makes it hard to predict what will happen or change next. Because of all these hormonal changes, they are most often very critical of themselves and the way they look, talk, walk, dress, etc. (Caskey, Anfara)

Learning Systems Today

Education has changed over the years. The age of a typically of adolescents is 12-18 years of age. During this time they start middle school, high school, and then will move on to college. Throught the years they will learn skills that they might use later on in life.

There are 23 states that require high school students to take exit exams in order to get their diploma. A exit exam is in the case with high school to exhibit basic proficiency in Math and English to gain a high school diploma. Most states include reading,writing,and math. Some states such as florida don't use writing they use math and reading. They will use a different subject such as Biology for the third test.

In today's school systems lots of the classrooms are technology based. With technology being used in school, Tech Team members say most teachers give the same lectures and have them write the same papers but just using the computer. Finally, technology's strength is its ability to break down classroom walls, figuratively speaking. Real time learning is becoming less and less everyday. One of the biggest advantages of using technology is that students can connect with anyone around the world. Which later in life will give them advantages when using these skills in the future job.

As you can see todays education system is so different than it was even 10+ years ago. Nowadays students use technology to advance in learning skills and in almost half of the states are required to pass a strand testing system to get their diploma.

Play Ball!

The most common and popular activities for kids 12-18 are school sports. This can include football, soccer, volleyball, tennis, basketball, baseball, softball, etc. This is typical because kids at this age love to be a part of a team and to work together in order to win.

However, there are a ton more activities, other than sports, that these kids are interested in. In school there is much, much more than just sports. Extracurricular activities are a major part of their lives. Chess club, choir, band, orchestra, art classes, theater, technical crew, exercising, photography, karate, robotics, etc. Almost every kid found in any of these classes, are just as proud to be a part of these teams as any.

Lastly, teens and pre-teens love to do fun, cheap, activities together. This might include something like a board game or frisbee, or a simple puzzle. They go to sport’s games together, make dinner, dance, bowl, walking dogs, going to the park, and so much more. Although most people think that all teenagers only want to do expensive things like shopping and dining out. But the truth is that there are one million other, inexpensive, activities for teens and pre-teens to participate in ("Teen Activities").
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Is My Teenager Normal?

Many parents/guardians have been asking this questions for ages. And the answer is, more than likely, yes! Every pre-teen and teen goes through crazy changes which comes with many tasks, accomplishments, and many fails. Sometimes there are so many things that adolescents are trying to keep straight, things can get a little crazy.

Developmentally, teenagers are learning to co-operate with the opposite sex, accepting their bodies, becoming more self-relying, thinking about marriage and families, preparing for a job or career, and ultimately trying to find their place in this world. All of these things can vary and change a little with each teenager as every one is a little bit different from the other.

Naturally and spiritually, they are trying to fit into the new adult world, develop a love and respect for parents, develop strategies to make it in the career and work world (college, vocation, etc.), they’re trying to find ways to reach their dreams and goals, and they’re trying to develop what kind of outlook on life is important to them. Sometimes, these tasks and achievements are forgotten or skipped over as society can put all attention on the developmental tasks.

All in all, the development of a teenager can seem like the most frustrating, the hardest, and often the strangest, but giving a teenager room and lead to grow will help them expand and soar as an adult. Teens and pre-teens are very special and unique people as they are the future of our countries. (Havighurst)
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