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December 2015

Strength in Simplicity

Share, teach, enroll, repeat. This is our business. It really is that simple! If you are overwhelmed, give me a call and let's talk. We can find ways to simplify your business and get back to the basics.

I prefer the Edge Success system when it comes to building. I've also added a bit of Neal Anderson's Starfish approach and have found that less is more when building. That works for me and I guess what each of us needs to do is find the approach we are good at and stick to it. In the Edge Success program, there is the 6-3-1 success schedule.

6 daily questions: (I've mentioned these before)

1. Who will I invite to a class or 1-on-1?

2. Who has attended a class that I will follow up with?

3. Who has enrolled that needs a membership overview?

4. Who is using the products that needs a business overview?

5. Who is building the business that I will support?

6. What will I read, watch or listen to that will help me grow as a leader?

3 weekly objectives:

1. Team call/check in with builders

2. Talk to mentor/upline and set goals

3. Teach 2-5 people

1 monthly event:

Team training or corporate event

This is just a bit of an expansion on the 2-2-2 approach which many people use:

2 new contacts daily; 2 follow ups daily and 2 classes/one-on-ones weekly.

Simple doesn't necessarily mean easy, but it does mean less work in the long run. Step out and try a new approach this month. Keep it simple. Set a few goals and share them with someone who can encourage you. Don't give up! Share, teach, enroll, repeat! All you have to do is look for opportunities and go!

If you've found success with this approach or one like it, please pass it on. Send me a note or post in the Facebook group. We can all learn from each other.

I hope you all have a blessed Christmas season. Share the gift of essential oils with those around you!


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OPEN for business

Just because the holiday season is upon us, don't shut down your doTERRA business. There are so many business opportunities out there waiting for us. We stress how important it is to not pre-qualify people when presenting our awesome membership kits. People are searching for healthy alternatives even this time of year. Give someone the opportunity to hear about doTERRA and snatch up the gift of health and wellness. Share these amazing oils/products with friends, family and those you meet. Let them decide if it is the right time for them to jump in or not. We just need to offer it to them! If we don't, someone else will. The holidays are perfect for sharing. Many people are out there and would invest in membership, even at Christmas!

With the frankincense promotion going on, it is a great time to enroll with the Home Essential kit. It is also a good time to shop at your own store and gift our amazing oils. There are some great LRP bundles below wholesale. You could even break up a few bundles or kits and gift them. From the holiday gift guide, we still have the Glamour Set available as well as the Holiday Joy oil. A Petal diffuser and Holiday Joy make a great gift! Each account can receive 4 FREE frankincense, so break up those orders in to 200pv orders. We are giving doTERRA to teachers this year. I will do Citrus Bliss hand lotion and bath bar sets or peppermint beadlets and lip balm. I also like to make OnGuard hand sanitizer and add a bit of Holiday Joy! So many ideas! Don't forget...order your 200pv before the 15th and grab the 5ml Holiday Joy and scent your own pack for FREE also!

watch this quick 10 min video from Founding Presidential Diamond Teresa Harding about getting back to basics.
Meet doTERRA Founding Presidential Diamond Teresa Harding

Diamond Tip

Teaching a Strong Class by Diamond Tanya Maidment

1. Condense Information

"Keep it short and simple. Too much information can be overwhelming for people who are new to oils."

(I bring the home essentials kit, deep blue rub, LLV, serenity and balance to my classes. May add the touch kit, but my goal is to introduce and touch on the basics. Follow up will be key in showing them all the advantages to wholesale membership)

2. Simplify the message

"Concentrate on a few take-home messages and let their interest grow organically with encouragement where appropriate."

(again, follow up is key. Host a monthly, "I have oils, now what?" class)

3. Share the business

"Briefly mention the business and the benefits of sharing the oils, and let people know that it's really simple to get started with their wholesale account."

(I mention in the class, then at my "membership overview" or "kit review" meeting with new enrollee's...that good ole follow up!!)

4. Spend individual time

"Spending time with each person at the end of the class to help them choose what's best for them is critical. Make sure you have plenty of time left for this."

November Shout outs!!

Way to go team!! We are growing!! Congrats to the following for advancing in rank:

GOLD: (3 premiers)

Lindsey Gunsauls

SILVER: (3 elites)

Amy Culp

PREMIER: (5000ov and 2 Executives)

Jeri Grimes

Bree Wilder

Rose Fitzgerald

ELITE: (3000ov)

Rachel Brumbaugh

Jeanie DelCasale

Betty Cain

EXECUTIVE: (2000ov)

Sara Evangelista

Rebekah Brumbaugh

Andrew Hawes

Tara Triano

Diane Moore

Sandy Mackey

8 new directors and 16 new managers!


The Sweet Life Esesntials, LLC ~ 8

Jeanie DelCasale ~ 7

Andrew Hawes ~ 6

Jennifer Maynard ~ 5

Maaike delVillar, Lindsey Gunsauls, Rosey Pullman ~ 4

Amy and Jim Miller, Sammy Smith, DeNeyce Strecker, Rebekah Brumbaugh, Marina O'Meany and Kelsey Sides ~ 3

Leaders, if your builders are on Facebook, please make sure you are adding them to the Building on Essential Choices closed group and forwarding this newsletter. Send me their email if they would like to be added to the distribution list.

SAVE THE DATE.....AromaTouch Training

Saturday, Jan. 23rd 2016 at 9:30am-4pm

2122 Fern Creek Trail, Kingwood TX 77345

The AromaTouch technique is a simple yet powerful way to provide every individual with an essential oil experience. This class will provide you with all the training you need to share the technique with others. This will be an intimate setting with no more than 12 people and lunch will be included. Save the date now and watch for the class sign up to be sent out soon. Cost is $149 for class instruction, workbook, and DVD. You will also participate in receiving, giving and watching the AromaTouch technique. You can RSVP here to let me know you are interested in attending.

RSVPs are enabled for this event.

Resources ...

To learn more about doTERRA check out

To get great ideas on how to use essential oils check out

For business building items try and (link goes to items perfect for media posts.)

For the science lover try

For videos to share with prospects check out doTERRAcorp on youtube

About essential choices, LLC

Team essential choices is a group of doTERRA Wellness Advocates who desire to share their knowledge of essential oils and health and wellness products with others. We aim to empower families to take control of their health care in a variety of ways, including doTERRA's product line. We strive to encourage one another and help others along their path to natural wellness making essential choices that are good for the body, mind and soul.
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