STEM in Our School

You Can Teach It Too!

What is STEM education?

A typical definition of STEM education is an interdisciplinary path to learning where academic concepts are rigorously combined with real-world practices utilizing science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) to make associations between school, work, and the world empowering the improvement of STEM proficiency and along with that the capability to compete in the new economy.
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Wait, I have to incorporate each aspect of STEM in every lesson?!

No, a lesson will rarely have all disciplines in it. For example, a lesson may only include math and technology. That is okay because you don't want to have too much in one lesson.

Function of STEM: Why is this important?

Students will engage in the following:

  • Interpreting and communicating information
  • inquiry and logical reasoning
  • collaboration as a team
  • applying technology appropriately

These are just a few of the many functions of STEM.

For those of you wanting to know more about STEM and what's out there!