Ancient India

All about geography

Ancient India's location

Ancient India is located at the bottom of Asia and hangs down, to be more exact India is located below China. Ancient india is split from Asia by the Himilaya mountain range and the Hindi Kush mountain range. India is located above the Indian Ocean and if somebody was looking at India, on India's right is the Bay of Bengal and on India's left is the Arabian Sea. The Tropic of cancer goes through almost the middle of India.

Why did the people of India choose to settle there?

The people of India chose to settle in India because The people of Ancient India were looking for a good place to settle, The Indians believed India had a pretty good climate and the animal population for eating was good, but the protection from enemies was not the greatest, The Indians had a good amount of protection from Asia because of the Mountain ranges where Asia and India meet, but the rest was open to Enemies. The people of India ended up choosing to settle there becuase there were more pros than cons.

Geographical features

Some Geographical features in India are the Indus and Ganges rivers. There are also Mountain ranges in India such as the Hindu Kush and Himalaya mountain ranges. Another Geographical feature is the Deccan Plateau and the largest Mountain in the world-Mount Everest.

Natural Resources

Natural resources in India include diamond, silk, sandalwood, and cotton fabrics. More natural resources in India are pearls, skins, furs, woolen fabrics, and incense.

The people of India's impact on the land

The people of India's impact on the land was whenever the Ayrans came to India, the Ayrans created a technology for farming, but the Ayrans also used the technology to cut rainforests down in India, Ayrans also used the farming technology to cut down canals and make the Ganges river valley better for farming. The Ayrans created lots of change on India's Geography.