Jesse Owens

Olympic Runner

Before the War

Jesse Owens was an African American share croper born in september 12, 1913 in Oakville Alibama, a small farm town that was not very populated. His favorite passtime, of his very few options, was running, he could run for hours, luckily he had plenty of space to do so.

During the War

Jesse Owens, during the war, ran in The Nazi Olympics in Berlin Germany. He won four gold metals in an attempt to change Nazi viewpoints, being that blue eye blond haird Germans were the "master race" and superior to all others. This made many people think about the ligitimacy of thier racist beliefs.

After the War

So this very famous African American Olymic Runner started as a simple farmer in Alabama who liked to run. He changed the thoughts of many people, proved the nazis wrong and got four gold metals in doing so. In the end he was marrried and had 3 children, but sadly he died of lung cancer.

Josh Clyde

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