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Much Ado About Nothing

This film takes in place in Messinia, Sicily, on the governor Leonato's Estate. When a group of lords decide to come visit the Governor, and he extends an invitation for them to stay for a month on his estate with his family. We are introduced to a lord named Benedict who has many quarrels with the young Beatrice on the estate. We are also introduced to a young Claudio, who spies the governors daughter Hero, and is madly in love. Through this month Benedict and Beatrice are tricked into sharing their true feelings for each other, yet the devious lord Don John has played an awful trick on Claudio. Don John led Claudio to believe that Hero cheated on him before their wedding day, and Claudio breaks the marriage off with hero, causing her grief. Hero fakes her death to Claudio, and he soon learns the truth of his deception. Don John is taken into custody and soon hero and Claudio, and even Beatrice and Benedict are soon wed.

A Midsummer Nights Dream.

This play opens up on two young lovers, Hermia and Lysander. Hermia's father bids her to marry Demitrius, a man she does not love. The two lovers run away into the woods so they can live together in peace. Oberon is a fairy king who is in disputes with Titania, the queen. He has a fairy, puck, help him use love potions on Titania and others. in the midst of preforming Oberons requests, puck creates mischievousness by turning an actor named bottom into a donkey. Titania is then tricked into falling in love with the donkey by puck. soon Oberon catches onto puck and returns everyone to their original lover, and all are wed, including the king and queen.


Thesus: "Either to die the death or to abjure forever in the society of men" (Shakespeare).


Both of these Shakespearean plays involve deceiving characters and dealing with mischief. Characters are fooled, especially the lovers, into thinking things that are not true, or questioning their love. Yet the deceiver is always found out and then the lovers go back to their loves and live on happily.

Comedy of Ideas

Midsummer- Puck is an example of comedy of ideas when he "breaks the fourth wall", and he talks directly to the audience, and is somewhat of a narrator in the play.

Much Ado- Don Pedro shows comedy of ideas because he argues ideas of a group of people, such as the governor and his family. Don Pedro also is a character that moves the plot along with his wit.

Comedy of Manners

Midsummer- Bottom uses comedy of manners with his speech and dialect. Bottom uses very sophisticated language, but also is a character of humor.

Much Ado- Beatrice uses very sophisticated language while making fun of Benedict. They both act somewhat childish, yet her dialect contradicts those actions.


Midsummer- Lysander and Hermia's interactions is an example of farce, because their are many mistiming and coincidences that drive the plot.

Much Ado- Hero and Claudio's relationship shows the idea of farce. Claudio is tricked into thinking that hero cheated on him, all because of mistiming and coincidence.

Low Comedy

Midsummer- Snug shows low comedy in his clumsiness as an actor, and hist lack of wits. Also bottom being turned into a donkey also shows points of low comedy.

Much Ado- The local police that show up to take Don John into custody are examples of low comedy. They use bathroom humor and low intelligence to create humor.

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