Early Childhood Special Education

May 2021

Little Things We Want You to Know

With the impact of learning brought on by school closures last spring and the transitions from virtual to in-person, and sometimes back again, for many school districts SSD has developed a unique learning opportunity to offer this summer. Universal Summer Supports (USS) will be offered Monday-Thursday, June 7-July 1st. Due to the fact that many of our early childhood centers close over the summer we will combine our program locations to meet all students' needs. Here is a list of our USS locations.

Brentwood: Brentwood, MRH, Ladue

Hancock: Affton, Bayless, Hancock & Lindbergh

Ladue: Ladue

Parkway: Parkway & Valley Park

Normandy: Jennings, Normandy, Ritenour & Riverview Gardens

Hours will vary for each location. Bag lunches will be provided but please send something for your little one if your child is a picky eater. We know that is an issue that many of our students may experience at this age. We will focus on enrichment in literacy, mathematics and social-emotional learning opportunities instead of IEP goals. However, we want you to know that we will use modification so that the students are successful in completing the activities.

ECSE Shares

We are preparing for the end of a most unique and interesting school year. Please check out these links that may have opportunities that you would like to explore for your child. These are for informational purposes only, we are not promoting any of these directly.

COCA has camps of varying lengths that cover a variety of topics: https://www.cocastl.org/campguide/

KidsOutandAbout.com has links to a number of local camps. favorite St. Louis locations/activities and these links can provide more specific information about hours, if reservations are needed, and more. https://saintlouis.kidsoutandabout.com/content/master-guide-summer-fun-st-louis

fun4stlkids.com is another general site that you might search for ideas of things to do this summer. https://fun4stlkids.com/Camps/Variety-Camps/

Helpful Links

Special School District Website

Here is the Special School District Website. Please explore to learn further.

Superintendent Updates

Leadership Updates can be found here.

Parent Education Diversity & Awareness

Parent Education Diversity and Awareness (PEDA) works to provide supports to families in a variety of areas. Click here to learn more about them.

Special School District Parent Advisory Council

Please visit this site to learn details about the Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

ECSE Family Channel

This resource is developed by our families to find information and tips for frequently requested topics.

Celebrations and Other News

Children are truly resilient. When asked to provide the baby with a mask staff jumped in to comply with the request. Last year this was so difficult for adults to imagine doing on a regular basis but our little ones have learned to take it all in stride.
Big picture

Strategy of the Month

Spring is here and summer is on the way. It is time to get outside and explore, we've been inside more than ever before. Here is a link that has a number of ideas for things to do outside https://www.verywellfamily.com/outdoor-family-activities-2764716 Some of my favorites ideas are...

  • Hula Hoop (I'm not the best at it but it is still fun to try. They have some at the Dollar Store)
  • Wash the car (fun and functional)
  • Plant some plants in a pot and check in on them regularly. Don't forget to water them!
  • Sit outside and observe nature, observe shapes in the clouds or read a book
  • Draw some of the things that you see outside. Maybe even with sidewalk chalk

The ECSE Administrative Team

Stacy M. Sturdivant, Director of Early Childhood Special Education

& Coordinator for Ritenour



Karin Fleming, Area Coordinator

Affton, Bayless, Hancock, South County Head Start & Webster



Geannie Floyd, Area Coordinator

Jennings, Normandy & Riverview Gardens



Cheryl Hermann, Area Coordinator

ECSE Deaf/Hard-of-Hearing & Audiology



Tara Markenson, Area Coordinator

Brentwood, Maplewood-Richmond Heights, Ladue & Lindbergh



Liz Kenner, Area Coordinator

Evaluation Teams & Parkway Step Program

(314)-989-7831 OR (314)-415-4980


Jen Roper, Area Coordinator

Parkway ECC, Parkway North Preschool & Satellite Sites