Supreme court Judge

Cory Baxter

Get to know Cory Baxter

Cory Baxter grew up from humble beginnings, as the son of a White House chef he rose through the ranks cooking up his "get quick rich schemes." Cory represents the American dream from becoming a normal kid too being part of the best anime show ever, he would make a perfect supreme court judge. Cory would be a loose constructionist as he goes with the flow. Cory would base his ruling off the precedent of Campbell v Acoff-Rose music and Millet v Snowden because Cory was in a band during his childhood and cares to protect the rights of all musician.
The supreme court position is very prestigious and Cory exceeds all of those expectations. Cory has created his own band starred in a well known TV series has his own DS game. Cory has been nothing but progressive and will usher in a new era of the supreme court