Really Professional Internet Person

A Memoir by Jenn Mcallister

About the book

Jenn Mcallister has always been obsessed with making videos ever since she found her parents old camera at 8. Jenn mostly known as Jennxpenn was a shy kid, then she turned to film as a hobby because "unlike life you can always have a do-over". Along with Jenn's humor and brightness she features pictures,top ten lists and never been told before stories of her journey as a film producer.

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Cause and effect

Jenn Mcallister found her parents' old video camera at the age of 8. She became obsessed with making videos about comedy,inspirations ,and vlogging. This led to her creating her extremely successful YouTube channel, jennxpenn, at age 12.As a result Jenn had very fun-filled experiences as a film producer.So these things all led up to the person Jenn is today.

Compare and contrast

Unlike most Youtubers Jenn has a passion for film.Also most Youtubers stick to one theme for there channel but Jenn does Many things. However All Youtubers share one thing they are doing what they love.
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This is a picture of Jenn attending her book signing.