Area 51

By Daniel Martinez

The most important facts about Area 51?

Fact #1 It's clear that the US Government has been up to something in Area 51 for decades, and it turns out there is a kernel of truth to even some of the wildest spectulation.

Under ground tunnels...

Hidden enemy aircraft...

Secret government UFO files .... etc

What is the secret about Area 51?

How does this article address my research question?

They're trying to figure out why they're hiding or how long it would take them to keep lying from us. They been hiding stuff to the public decades and they shouldn't be hiding stuff from us unless its something the top government files.

Area 51 and extra- terrestial life both exist, says head of Nasa

Fact #2

Major Bolden admitted that Area 51 existed but said the US government was not hiding alien life there.

“There is an Area 51,” he said. “It’s not what many people think. I’ve been to a place called that but it’s a normal research and development place. I never saw any aliens or alien spacecraft or anything when I was there.The secrecy of the aeronatics research that goes on there its ripe for people to talk about aliens being there.

How does this article address my research question?

That the people that are work in Area 51 their trying to hide top secret things to the public and they use Aliens to hide their identity from telling the truth and they want us to think that their is aliens in Area 51.
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Hillory on Area 51 secrets: " I think we ought to share it with the public"

Fact #3

Hillory said " I would like us to go into those files and hopefully makes as much of that public as possible". "Well, if there is something there, unless it’s a threat to national security, I think we ought to share it with the public."

How this article address my research question?

That Hillory actually trying to help us figure out whats happening inside Area 51 or what are they trying to hide from the public. If its a threat to national security then she shouldn't share to the public because it would probably cause war with other countries and if she tells us whats happening inside their the government going to have a lots of problems for hiding stuff from us like decades.