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Expectations & Evaluation

Oklahoma - Marzano School Leadership Model

Oklahoma schools use the Marzano leadership model for evaluating their teachers to ensure they are progressing in their teaching process. "Teachers perceive that the Marzano Causal Teacher Evaluation Model is helping them develop as teachers" (Ok.gov, 2014, The Importance of Teacher Perceptions ). Becoming an effective teacher is the most promising notification for improvement in student's academics. Oklahoma schools have implemented Marzano's evaluation to proceed with the goal of making every teacher the best he or she can become while teaching. "The future of teacher evaluation lies in more than collecting static pictures of how well teachers perform in any given moment" (Marzano Center, 2014, para. 1).

Marzano's Ethical and Legal Responsibilities for Teachers

When teachers begin using the Marzano Model he or she should have an open mind to increase their teaching practices. Ethically teachers should be willing to communicate with their students and colleagues to ensure positive communication. Students need to have intellectual stimulation when learning. Teachers should use their positive monitoring to evaluate students to ensure each of them are learning. When students become frustrated with their learning teachers should respond in a positive manner to assist the student with their challenges. As teachers observe and monitor the classroom, they can become aware of every situation along with learning patterns inside the classroom. When using the Marzano's Model there are "four domains constitute a systematic approach to teacher development that incorporates self-assessment, peer review, evaluation, and focused mentoring to give teachers a solid, measurable foundation for improving their practice, thereby raising student achievement year by year" (Marzano Center, 2014, The Four Domains).

"Four Domains

1.) Strategies and Behaviors - Pedagogical Strategy

2.) Planning and Preparing

3.) Teaching and Reflecting - Deliberate Practice

4). Collegiality and Professionalism" (Marzano Center, 2014, The Four Domains).

As teachers continue to teach he or she should continue their learning in order to allow their students to learn by example. Also, teachers should be willing to apply appropriate consequences toward their students negative behavior. Teachers should be willing to learn how to use this model successfully inside their classroom to ensure learning with their students.

Marzano's Assessment Rubrics

When teachers use the rubrics for assessing their students, they use the Marzano's 4-Point Rating Scale.

"Rubric Level Description

4 Excellent

3 Proficient

2 Adequate

1 Limited

0 Incomplete" (Douglas County Foreign Language. Wiki Spaces.com, n.d.,

How can I translate this into words?).

As teachers continue to use this model of rubric scale, they can also use half-point scores to assist in their assessment for the students. "Half point scores indicate student achievement that is partially demonstrated at the next highest level. In the case of 0.5, partial knowledge of simpler details is demonstrated with help" (Douglas County Foreign Language. Wiki Spaces.com, n.d., para. 1).

In order for teachers to use this type of rating scale he or she needs to know when they would use it in assessing their students learning.

  • Prior to Instruction - Pre-Assessment - Determine their students prior knowledge (Douglas County Foreign Language. Wiki Spaces.com, n.d.).
  • During Instruction - Formative - Assess the next steps in their learning and what remains for the students to learn (Douglas County Foreign Language. Wiki Spaces.com, n.d.).
  • Completed Instruction - Summative - Assessing what the student has learned and gave them their proper score (Douglas County Foreign Language. Wiki Spaces.com, n.d.).
When teaching it is difficult to know how to convert rubric type scores into grades. There are several things to remember and consider when completing this process.

  • Only convert the scores if this assessment is for the sole purpose of a summative type evaluation.
  • Create a rule that will create the conversion.
  • If you are combining rubric scores over a period remember to eliminate the old evidence and replace it with new evidence.
  • Trying to determine the final percentage grade for the students combine the scores along with the assessment scores to convert all of the same scales with the weighted values.
There is a great tip for teachers when trying to assess their students. "Check your criteria by considering the Bloom’s levels: are students being asked to reach the levels of learning that are required for mastery" (Douglas County Foreign Language. Wiki Spaces.com, n.d., Helpful Hints)?

Opportunities for Growth

"Dr. Robert Marzano developed the groundbreaking Suite Connecting Teacher Growth to Student Achievement as a coherent and aligned approach for school districts to support and monitor the development of highly effective teachers in every classroom" (iObservation, 2014, para. 1).

  • Monitors and supports implementation on classroom instruction.
  • 41-Key strategies created after research.
  • Common/Language model of instruction.
  • Flexibility for district customization (iObservation, 2014).
"Companion professional development for teachers supports the implementation and growth in use of research-based instructional strategies as evidenced by student achievement gains" (iObservation, 2014, para. 3).

If a teacher wants to enhance their growth in learning along with trying to relate to their students, he or she will have several strategies to use in order for this process to take flight. Teachers should have an open mind and be willing to enhance their learning to engage in growth with using this model.

Ramifications for Not Meeting Standards

"Common Core standards are a national benchmark for what students should learn in such subjects as math and English that have been adopted in more than 40 states" (Zuozapavicius, 2014, para. 4). When schools start to not meet standards, the school will begin to get bad reviews. Schools could lose federal funding along with a host of over funding. By not meeting standards, you will not be promoting the district nor the school development. "Oklahoma's public school standards aren't sufficiently preparing students for college or careers and will no longer grant a waiver to let the state bypass some provisions of the No Child Left Behind Act" (Zuozapavicius, 2014, para. 2).

Because Oklahoma schools cannot meet the standards, they are limited in how they spend their funding from the government. If the schools were able correctly to use Marzano's inside their school district, the students scores should be starting to rise and to allow the school district to comply with meeting standards. Because the state of Oklahoma was behind and not meeting their standards, they are now limited to how they can spend their funding. If schools were meeting their standards, they would be able to spend their funding a little more liberally.

If students "don’t meet proficiency standards at certain performance levels, students still will move up through elementary, middle and high schools as is “socially and developmentally appropriate” for them" (Dessoff, 2014, para. 18). The Marzano model will allow students to continue to evolve with their learning even though they will continue to move through school. "But they will remain at the same content performance levels where they were before" (Dessoff, 2014, para. 18). So students are pushed through but he or she will continue to start over with the level he or she was at prior to the following year. This process will allow the students to continue with their learning versus starting over year after year on their learning process.

Professional Development

When looking at the Marzano Model, there are diverse ways to allow the teacher to increase their individual development such as learning new skills and strategies on their teaching practices. Marzano will also allow teachers to continue their education by having workshops for teachers to attend to broaden the way he or she teaches their students. Teachers will also have an advanced understanding in how to present the content successfully. "Students depend less and less on their teacher and become users of knowledge on their way to becoming independent lifelong learners" (Edwards, 2014, para. 11). This is the success of this model that will allow teachers to become more successful inside their teaching career.


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