Krystal Torres

If you're looking for a wonderful place to vist you're done, Mexico is the perfect place. People celebrate beautiful celebrations,the food there taste amaizing, and there's a lot of pretty and intresting place to visit.

Mexico has many special occassions to celebrate.For example el Dia De Los Muertos, El Dia De La Virgen are know celebrations in diffrent places.If you vist during Christmas, you would feel like you're in Christmas wonderland.You're going to see beautiful decorations and a lot of people dancing.

The food here though, it's just amaizing! Enchilada,chile reyeno,chicken tortilla soup are some of the favorite plates served here just as tamales,mole and pozole. Mexican foods have a lot of flavor, a lot of spices and they're enjoyable to eat.

In Mexico there's a lot of intresting and pretty places to vist.For example the "catedral" is a church is one of the most beautiful places to vist . Also "el bosque magico" (the magical forset) it's one of the prettiest and funniest places in this area, it's a water park and a rollercade place.

Mexico is the most wonderful place to vist. The special occassions are fun to celebrate,the food is amaizing, and the catedral church is there for your spirital growth.You'll never have a dull moment in Mexico.