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Where cannibals are found , What are cannibals?

Cannibalism is a religious ritual, They were found in Africa , South America and island places such as New Guinea and Fuji ,Most cannibals are found in jungle areas in third world countries.Cannibals live in the southern regions of Indonesian ,New Guinea, They have about 4,000 members living there. Local government found out about there cultures and forced there culture combine and mingle with normal society (Americans) . After while Cannibals became extinct due to famine ,war,attrition.

Reason for why Cannibals exist ?

Every time a cannibal eats another human it is ritual for revenge against demon named Khukhua. When a close a close relative or friend dies unexpectedly , they devour a dead person body to get revenge on the demon. To them they think they are eating the body of Khukhua. They call it the system of justice for killing there kind.

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Do cannibals eat their children? Do their practice cannibalism?

The children never take part in practicing cannibalism . if a child dies the body will not be eaten unless it has reached puberty. If the body was eaten ,everything would be ate except bones, genitals hair and nails. But because of attrition the tribe is shrinking , becoming more social , which signals the end of many cultures.

Short story about cannibals

Jamestown went through a starvation period to where they became cannibals and started eating leather boots. Willie Baldson showed a man accused of eating his wife, they forced the man to confess by hanging him by his thumbs , while they searched for his wife's body parts. He confessed 15 minutes into the hanging , He was soon burned for punishment

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