Mandatory Vaccinations

Sukanya Basu and Coleman Wylie

Why should vaccinations be mandatory?

To stay virus-free, vaccinations must be taken. Since most viruses are contagious, people must be vaccinated to stop an outbreak.


Full vaccination, from birth to adolescence, of all US children born in a given year saves an estimated 33,000 lives and prevents an estimated 14 million infections.

Infections caused by Haemophilus influenzae, a major cause of bacterial meningitis and other serious diseases in children, have decreased by over 99% in the US since the introduction of a vaccine in 1988

Side Effects VS. Symptoms

It's nearly painless and the side effects, if any, are mild and are never as severe as the side effects of the actual disease. The symptoms of the disease far outweigh the rare, few side effects of the vaccination. It really is a simple choice.

Why such a young age?

This vaccination should be mandatory to go into elementary school because that is when children are at their most vulnerable. Also since they are exposed to so many people at once, they pose a risk to spread the virus faster. By getting these children vaccinated, children will more often than not, be immune to various illnesses.

Vaccinations must be mandatory