Westward Expansion

By Cj Chanhnourack

Why should you move west?

There are endless opportunities to prosper and be successful in the new country. Between raising cattle, growing crops, and fulfilling your life long dream of becoming a cow boy. If you have the will power and determination to put in the long hours and hard work you will find the new life will be more than rewarding for your current and future family.


In the new land towards the west the soil was fertile and there was a abundant amount of rainfall. These conditions were nearly perfect to start a new life as a farmer. We will give you 160 acres of land exchange for a small filing fee and a minimum of 5 years residence on your new home.

Cattle Industry

Along with the new land there are new jobs and one extremely promising one is the cattle Industry. With new land comes need for the new food and your new employer could simply be the land. This lifestyle will require hard working determined young men who wish to make a good living and provide for their families. The job is simply to protect and keep the cattle alive and move them from point a to point b. You will learn new skills and many ways to survive off the land.

Native American problems

There are precautions to take when it comes to peacefully handling the natives. When it comes to any conflicts with the natives, you are strongly advised to not take any physical action thus may lead to further problems. If the problem persists, direct the natives to your local town hall to review any documents stating that the United States owns this land and for further instruction on where they are to relocate.