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CIA & PD Newsletter for Meramec Valley R-III School District

April 7, 2016-9th Edition

District Spotlight on Student Learning

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Nike and Robertsville Spring Concert

Lily & Bear Performance on Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Directed by Mrs. Allison Franzen

Photo compliments of Mrs. Greta Franklin, RE Principal & Elementary Curriculum Coordinator

Lighter side of Learning

Have a funny cartoon, video, or quote related to loving the teaching and learning journey? Send it to a Curriculum Committee Member or PD Rep and ask to have it included in one of the Thursday Thoughts for Learning weekly newsletters.

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Respond to the Quote at #MVR3Learns

Look around MVR-III and you will notice several staff members who make it their mission to collaborate, model, share, and dialogue with their peers regarding good, research-based practices and who truly feel it is their mission to grow someone else into a teacher of the year superhero. Have a great story about a peer who exemplifies proficiency in Standard 9.1 and/or 9.2 then please share your story at #MVR3Learns.
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MAP Information for Parents

District Updates

CIA News & Events for the Upcoming Week

Friday, April 8th---Phase III Curriculum Learning Walks

  • PHS 7:30am-9:00am
  • RB 9:30am-11:00am
  • MVMS 12:00pm-1:30pm

Tuesday, April 12th---Collaborative Grant Leadership Meeting @ R-RPDC

Wednesday, April 13th---Teacher of the Year Interviews with Final Selection Panel

Thursday, April 14th---MVR-III Announces the 2015-2016 Teacher of the Year


District Guidance/Character Education Advisory Committee Meeting

Today, the District Guidance/Character Education Advisory Committee met at Riverbend from 4pm-5pm, to discuss and review the strengths and opportunities of the K-12 Comprehensive Guidance Program. Committee members offered feedback to the four programs components:

Component I: Curriculum

Component 2: Individual Planning

Component 3: Responsive Services

Component 4: Systems of Support

If you missed the meeting or would like to offer more feedback feel free to email any of the District Counselors:


CE, Tina Hampton

NE/RE, Monica Moore

TE, Melissa Shelton

ZE, Amy Flexsenhar

MVMS, Jeanne Diamond

RB, Katie Holman

PHS, Susan Ashby

PHS, Michel Brindell

PHS, Susan Ketcherside


MVR-III 2016 Assessment Schedule Overview

This overview is posted on the District website under the District Assessment Plan. Parent letters regarding the MAP Grade-Level and End-of-Course Assessments are also available. For detailed building schedules please see the building counselor/principal.

2016 MAP Timing Guidelines

Each grade-level/content area has timing guidelines that are different. Check out the guidelines and understand the assessment sessions by using this 2016 MAP Grade-Level Assessment Timing Guidelines quick reference guide or by using the 2016 MAP EOC Testing Time Suggestions

PD News

Educator Spotlight

See how MVR-III Educators are honing their craft to become proficient and distinguished in teaching and student learning. PDC is constantly on the "look-out" for life-long learners and matching practice to standards and encourage you to send a photo to a PD Rep to spotlight and share in an upcoming Thursday Thoughts on Learning.
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April PD Newsletter has been update on the website

Two events have been added to the April PD Newsletter.

See the latest April PD Newsletter

MVR-III Deadline for the 2016-2017 Teacher's Academy---Extended to Friday, April 8th

PDC pays for up to four MVR-III teachers to attend the eight session professional learning Teacher's Academy each year (*option of EdPlus OR Rolla-RPDC). Teachers must be nominated by the building principal (Teachers with 6+ years experience are considered first) to MVR-III PDC in writing no later than April 8, 2016. As of 4/7/2016 only 3 candidates has been recommended to slot remaining for recommendations!

National CharacterPlus Summer Conference---2 District Spots available

MVR-III is a district member of the CharacterPlus Iniative through EdPlus. This yearly membership offers two free scholarships to the National CharacterPlus Summer Conference yearly.

CharacterPlus National Conference

The 22nd annual CharacterPlus National Conference is scheduled for July 27-28, 2016. The 2015 Conference featured nationally known keynotes and character development experts who gave our attendees real strategies that they could implement right away. More than 600 educators from 15 states attended in 2015.

Email PDC President Beth Sanders by April 15th if interested in attending


Become a Google Certified Educator

Make yourself the envy of all your friends and colleagues by becoming a Google Certified Educator. Sign up at the same time as other MVR-III teachers to create a cohort, so you can support one another during this journey.

  1. Complete the Level 1 Fundamentals Training Course.

  2. Practice exam questions on the Unit Review modules.

  3. Take the certification exam to claim your badge! The first 5 teachers to commit to this training will receive a Level 1 exam voucher, which covers the $10 fee. Enter your information HERE for the chance to receive a voucher. All names and emails will be shared with the cohort group, unless you request otherwise.

Call for Presenters

How do you Engage, Support, and Challenge your students? Consider sharing an effective practice with other district educators this summer. Present either a 45, 60, or 90-minute session on a technology usage you have found beneficial to your classroom.

Sessions will be held on the following days: July 13, 14, 20, & 21, and August 3 & 4. To assist in the planning process, the deadline for presentation proposals is Friday, April 22. Click HERE to submit.

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