Chains One Pager

By: Daniel Vo


The overall theme of Chains is bravery. When Isabel is in a difficult situation, she always finds a way out of it. For example, when Isabel was about to give up about escaping from an bin box, she would tell herself, "Think, remember." Then she traced her 'I' mark then reminded herself who she was, and her "mark stands for Isabel". She didn't just did nothing. She did everything she can for herself and Ruth to keep them safe.

Character Traits

The three character traits that made Isabel a hero is being sacrificing, determined, and protective. When there was a fire in Lady Seymour's house, Isabel "dropped the boxes and doll, draped her arms around me" and dragged her away from the fire. When she was locked in a bin, she thought about her mark and said the herself, "This is my country mark. I did not ask for it, but I would carry it as Poppa carried his. It made me has daughter. It made me strong." It made her more determined. She was very protective of her little sister, Ruth. When Ruth had a seizure, she would lie to Mrs. Lockton to prevent her sister from being sold.
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Figurative Language

Simile, because it says the word 'as': Plainly said, she was as much a prisoner in her broken body as Curzon was in his cell.

Metaphor, because it it applies how the words are, which it is not literally applicable: The bookseller was right; the words were dangerous, every one of them.

Hyperbole, because it is just a exaggeration: The poison had eaten holes through her soul and made room for vermin to nest inside her.