Mid-December Primer Holiday Notes

From Classroom 110 December 13

Wrapping up 2014

This newsletter wraps up the 2014 year. As I gear up to see my sister and her family in Chicago, I am reminded of the many travel experiences I had with my family during the holidays. One of the most vivid memories is driving 14 hours from Florida to Ohio. I never had quite enough to do.

This week I will send home an activity packet for students to do. I am not a big fan of paper packets but know the packets can be easy to pack and take with you. This activity guide is not required but does provide additional practice on the skills we have learned so far in Primer.

I want to thank those of you who have shared holiday stories of your elf at home. I loved hearing how Text Talk words were incorporated in letters or how your child wrote to the elf. I also heard of an elf and tooth fairy working together to leave coins. Seeing and hearing about all of this just delights me to pieces.

Also, a big congratulations to the students and parents for their involvement and participation with Hour of Code. All students received a certificate in their red, take home folder for their hard work. Over 74 million people world wide completed an Hour of Code. As one student told me on Friday "I am still coding after this week."

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Dallas Zoo

Tomorrow is our field trip to The Dallas Zoo. Students will need to wear their uniform. The predicted weather ranges from lows in the 40s to highs in the mid-60s. Wind is expected so a light jacket or sweatshirt might be a good idea. Students will be off campus from 9:15-1:45. We will participate in a conversation program while at the zoo that aligns our biodiversity global problem and with our NAIS Challenge 20/20 project. Lunch will be provided by The Dallas Zoo. You can follow our trip on Photo Circle. Please let me know if you have any questions.

A scary but true consequence

This was shared with me by a colleague. Interesting thought to consider.
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Things to do on your winter holiday break

Our winter holiday break last 18 days. Here are 18 things you can do on your break courtesy of Matt Gomez, kindergarten teacher and colleague.

In no particular order…

1. Visit a public library. Find a wordless picture book (the librarian can help) and retell the story. If possible check out the book so everyone in the family can retell the book their own way.

2. Visit a nearby park and play. Try to find a park you have never been to before.

3. Send a letter to a grandparent or other family member via the mail. Learn how to address the envelope. Visit the post office to mail it if possible ( after christmas that is).

4. Ask your Mom or Dad what is their favorite wild animal. Research the animal together and write 5 facts about the animal

5. Write a fictional story about the wild animal you researched (see above)

6. Make a picture sequence of one day. You can draw the pictures or use a camera. Put all the pictures in order and label them 1st, 2nd 3rd etc.

7. Visit a Zoo, Aquarium, Arboretum or Museum. Take pictures to share with the class

8. Bake something with your family. Bonus: share what you make with a neighbor.

9. The answer is 14 cookies. What is the problem. Create several word problems that have an answer of 14 cookies.

10. Pick any fiction book. Write a new ending to the story. Post it on Kidblog.

11. Make a word web about yourself.

12. Practice a fire drill at your house. Discuss multiple ways out, your meeting place and the most important rule: Get out, stay out!

13. Insect Hunt: Find as many insects as possible (might need to visit an area with more nature than your house.) Draw and label your favorite insect.

14. Write a note to a firefighter or policeman telling them that you appreciate them keeping us safe. Deliver it to them!

16. Make a map of your neighborhood. Then look at your house on Google Earth and compare it to your map.

17. Collect 120 of something (pennies, toys, leaves, acorns, etc)

18. Measure things in your house. You can use a tape measure or a non-standard unit of measuring such as a shoe, stick or block. Make a list of the things you measure from shortest to longest.

A quick yet beneficial read on handwriting

Upcoming events

  • December 15- Dallas Zoo field trip
  • December 17- Class party- parents are welcome to attend 1:30-2:00
  • December 18- Holiday service from 8:30-9:30- Friends and family are encouraged to attend and students dismissed following service
  • December 19 throughJanuary 5 Holiday Break
  • January 6- Classes resume