Submitting a FAST Referral

All you need to know about how to submit a FAST referral!

The UTVA FASTeam is here to give extra support to your students who lack engagement. Please let us help you!

1. Who can submit a FAST referral? Homeroom Teachers (K8) and Mentors (HS)! If you are a content teacher of the student, please ask the HR teacher or mentor to submit the referral.
2. Make sure you have created a running note in TV before you submit a referral. This is part of the required pre-referral process. Watch this jing if you need help on this step: How to create a teacher running note

3. Use internet explorer or google chrome as your browser.
4. Click HERE to access the FAST tracker in Sharepoint. This is where you will make your FAST referrals!
5. Sign in using your Sharepoint login. (password is the same as your OLS/TV password)
6. Click the plus sign where it says, "New Item".
7. Fill in the required fields (the ones with asterisks) of the tracker. Hint: You only need to fill in the School Abbreviation (UTVA) and the Student ID and then a lot of the information populates for you!
8. If you need a walkthrough, watch this: How to Submit a FAST referral

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Amberly Keeler - Family Engagement Director

Questions? Please reach out via email or Trillian. I'm happy to help you!