From Rural Land To America.

By: Caroline


Ever wanted to know how it was like to live through WWII and have to move to a new country without knowing that language. My grandma lived through WWII and moved to America without knowing the language and still succeeded.

To Aunty,


You have changed so much not for the better of others but for the better of yourself. You moved from one country leaving your past to beautiful America. You met your perfect husband, had your perfect wedding, had the perfect family, but still had time to be such a generous person. Your grandkids are so proud of you. You are their role model. Even though Ziggy,your husband, died you kept strong for them. You made them happy, though you had to suffer. I am so great full that I am able to still talk and see you today and see what a wonderful person you became.

Your nephew,


And the award goes to...


Your such an inspirational person and that is why I picked you for my confirmation sponsor. We know each other so well. We know each others like and dislikes. We always garden together, cook together, craft together, and I always sleep over at your house. That's what I want to award you with BEST GRANDMA IN THE UNIVERSE!

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Boom! Pow! Bombs and sirens go off in the middle of the night. Polish citizens in the area do not whether they will wake up the next day. Many grandparents from Europe had to live through these times.

Here's my hero essay

Oprah Winfrey is a talk show host, and a very generous person that many people look up to. She is the type of person that I would say is a hero, she is someone who Is selfless and determined to make you smile.

Babcia's Bakery

Come on in to my grandmas bakery. She has polish desserts, breads, and of coarse paczki. Paczki are deep fried dough balls stuffed with a variety of fillings. Her paczki come in different flavors: raspberry, blueberry, apricot, pudding, and chocolate/Nutella. How could anyone resist perfectly good deserts baked early in the morning.