Grade 7/8 Health

Drug Education and Awareness

Create a Public Service Announcement

You will be creating a public service announcement that will teach young teens the dangers and risks associated with drug use and misuse

What is a Public Service Announcement?

A public service announcement raises awareness about social issues, community services, or another type of "issue". It communicates a message and evokes a desired emotion with sound, music, narration, and images in just 30 seconds.


You can use iMovie, iMotion, or another program of your choice. Your PSA should be 30 seconds to 1 minute in length.

You will need to research the drug or drug related issue that your group has chosen and plan out your PSA. Decide if you will use hard hitting facts, emotions, humour, or the shock factor to get your message across.

Mr T - Drugs PSA
Smoking Pot Is Really Stupid / Anti-Marijuana PSA Video
This Is Your Brain On Drugs (Original)

Drug Unit PSA

Your job is to create a PSA informing a specific audience about alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs and the problems associated with it.

· Facts/Stats: When doing your research, what are some surprising or “wow” facts you have learned? What are some things that really had an impact on you?

· Topic: Pick one topic to focus on:

o Binge drinking and the effects on the brain

o Prescription drug abuse by adolescence

o Assertiveness and peer pressure

o Alcohol poisoning

o Alcohol and decision making

o Other topic (MUST be cleared by Ms. Courtney) _______________________________

· Message: Think about how you are going to get the message across. What approach will you take? (humor, celebrities, gross out, scare factor, emotions, facts, etc)

· Audience: Make sure your PSA is focused at a specific audience

PSA Topics:

1. Binge drinking and the effects on the brain- what is the difference between the ways teenagers may drink alcohol and adults may drink alcohol? Studies show teens are more likely to indulge in binge drinking. What is binge drinking? What dangers are associated with it, particularly with young people?

2. Abusing prescription drugs- there are 26 000 deaths each year from fatal overdoses from prescription drugs. Why are students in high school and college/university taking prescription drugs? Do they help or hinder performance? Find specific statistics. Explain the risks and side effects related to taking drugs that are not prescribed to you specifically.

3. Assertivess and how to refuse peer pressure-what different techniques can you use to avoid peer pressure? What can you do to ensure you are not being pressured into doing something that you don’t want to do?

4. Alcohol Poisoning- many people don’t know that alcohol is not only a drug, but it is also a toxin when consumed in large quantities. What are warning signs of alcohol poisoning that others should be aware of? If a person is suspected of alcohol poisoning, is there medical treatment available? Explain the seriousness of alcohol poisoning and explain how it affects the body.

5. Alcohol and Decision Making- what is the link between underage drinking and social problems or illegal behavior? Look into the role alcohol may play in school problems, drinking and driving, fighting, damaging property, sexual assault, domestic violence, murder, and suicide. How many young people are injured or killed in alcohol related incidents? Find situations and statistics to support your theory.

6. Your choice-