Principal Post

May 15-19th

Have a Wonderful Summer! Our Last Smore of the Year!

Goodbye 8th graders! Class of 2027

Promotion will start promptly at 2:30 on May 18th. Parents are encouraged to be at the school at 2:00 to decorate your vehicle! Cake and punch to be served afterward. Photo Booth onsite!

25th Anniversary:

Thank you for attending! It was a good night of fellowship and camaraderie. Thanks again to Megan Hundley for supplying us with all of the nuances that made for a lovely evening.

Treasure Island:

What a wonderful night of entertainment! Our young thespians put on a wonderful performance!

Here is a link to the recording:

Congrats to Mr. Sidelinger, Mrs. Marsh, and Mrs. Olsen for their dedication!

A Message from our APC:

We understand that this year has been a transition year from Covid to normal hour tracking for volunteer hours. For this reason, the board voted on Tuesday at the APC meeting that families who have not met the 45 parent volunteer hour requirement will not be unenrolled. This exception is for the school year of 2022-2023 only.

Listed below are this years current volunteer hours (as of 5/7/23) for reference:

21% of families are in the 0-10 hour range
15% of families are in the 11-20 hour range
15% of families are in the 21-30 hour range
14% of families are in the 31-40 hour range
9% of families are in the 41-45 hour range
27% of families are in the over 45 hours range

Next school year Midnight Sun will provide an online website for easier tracking and accountability of parent volunteer hours. We will also improve our communication to better inform parents of volunteer opportunities.

If you have any questions on this please email the parent hours committee at

Thank you for all you do as parents and guardians,

Megan Horvath

APC Chair

This weeks events:

Dogs and bouncy houses and watermelon and promotions and sleep-overs! Many things are happening with separate classrooms and too many to list here! Read your teachers' newsletters for more information! I will be at the primary picnic hauling all the yummy food! See you there!

Amy Harren

Principal Midnight Sun Family Learning Center

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