Do not give your livestock antibiotics

What You Are Doing

Farmers we know you like to use antibiotics in your feed, or even just inject your livestock with them in order to create more meat for profit but that has to stop

What This Causes

-When you give your cows antibiotics you give the bacteria the antibiotic is used for tons of chances per use to mutate and become resistant to the antibiotic.

-This can then be passed onto the humans that eat the meat causing the to not be able to be cured by an antibiotic when they severely need it. (In Fact 10 Million People die each year due to bacterial mutation.)

What You Can Do

It's 2 simple steps!

Stop giving your cows antibiotic filled feed and Injections.

Start grass feeding your cows (They will get big enough without the antibiotics)

Stop Injections Give Protection

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