September 2021 Library Newsletter

Sherrard Junior High

General Announcements

-Please remember that some days we will not have loaners unless students are testing or need repairs. The library can charge chromebooks, but we cannot give out loaner chargers.

- Please email Mrs. Justice - or Ms. Bennin - with any questions or concerns

New Book Preview

Below are some featured new books, and to see a preview of more, check out the video at this link:

Database Feature: Novelist

Now that all English classes have had a chance to get books delivered, students might enjoy a tool to find their next book. Novelist is a great tool. It has book reviews, and a feature where you can look up a book you like, and find books like it! While our library won't have all of the books, it is a good place to start your search. See the video below for more information.
Novelist - and card catalog

Remembering 9/11

With the 20th anniversary of 9/11 this month, below are two booktalks for books students can check out from our library. We have several other books, both nonfiction and fiction, and the databases have articles as well. Please contact the library staff if you would like more information.
All We Have Left Booktalk
We Were There Booktalk