Ms. Cimini's Newsletter

April 13, 2018


April 19th Art and International Night 6:30

April 30th-May 4th PALS Testing

5/11 Brethren Woods Field Trip (Information will be coming)

Class pictures

We have extra Classroom group pictures for sale. The cost is $10. Please send in cash or check made payable to Peak View.

Classroom Volunteers

Click the link below to sign up to help in this classroom this month!

Our class needs GLUE STICKS!!!

Please provide our class with more glue sticks! We are running very low! They have some at costco!!!


Monday 4/16- Leftover day

Tuesday 4/17- Areli Birthday Snack

Wednesday 4/18-Ethan

Thursday 4/19 - Max

Friday 4/20- Abby

Please remember to keep our snack healthy and avoid sugary snacks. We have 18 Students.


Literacy: Next week we will be working with the digraph ch as in chick, chin, chart. We will review high frequency words during literacy circles and will be creating an ipad project with them on Friday. We will continue to work with short vowels during literacy circles and spelling.

Spelling: Short Vowel Review...practice for May PALS

A: bat sad

E: fed hen pen

I: lip rip zip

O: jog top *spot

U: cut fun *plug

Math: We will continue working with SOL K.6 which teaches about addition and subtraction concepts. We will focus on addition first learning the vocabulary; add, addition, plus, all together, and in all.

Unit: We will be learning about Spring next week and baby animals. The children will learn the names of baby animals and that sometimes they look like their adult. They will also learn that some baby animals do not resemble their adult such as a caterpillar and butterfly.

Pioneer Packs

Help Us Fill the Stage with Food!

The Pioneer Backpack Food Drive will be April 16th – 20th

Grade levels please send in the following items:

Pre-K: Fruit Snacks

Kindergarten: Individual Oatmeal Packages and Pasta/Noodles

1st Grade: Microwave Popcorn and Soup

2nd Grade: Breakfast Bars (Belvita, Nutrigrain) and Peanut butter

3rd Grade: Cereal and Pop Tarts

4th Grade: Fruit Cups and Macaroni & Cheese

5th Grade: Individually Packaged Goldfish and Canned Tuna or Chicken

Other items needed include:

Peanut Butter and Cheese Crackers

Canned Veggies

Ravioli Cans

Granola Bars

Rice Krispy Treats

When we fill the stage with food, a school-wide celebration will be held!!!