Mrs. Bland's Class

April 2, 2015

This Week In Class

This week we continued learning the letters J and W, sight words find, jump, make, must; 3D Shapes, and basic needs of living organisms. Our class enjoyed a 3D Shape walk around our campus looking for anything that was a sphere, cone, cube, or cylinder. On the iPads, we have an app that is called Shape Finder. It's a 3D few of scenes that can be moved around to find the 3D shapes. They really enjoyed working in groups, finding all the shapes!!

Next week we are learning the letter Xx, sight words-what, said; coin identification; weather; prepositional words; and chronological order.

Kid's Comments & A Cupcake

Every morning a child's name is drawn for Kid's Comments & a Cupcake. If the name drawn is here and on time, he/she goes to the office, answers a question and tells a joke over the intercom. Then, for doing a great job, a cupcake is given. Please have students here and on time. We start at 7:50. Whenever a child is late, they are missing out on lunch count, breakfast, and many other important things. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

Snack Schedule for Next week (April 6-10)

Monday-Justin M; Tuesday-Kamdyn; Wednesday-Levi; Thursday-Justin O.; Friday-David

Thank you to Abby for sending snack this week!