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Savannah Givens and Emily Fox

1: Washing machine

This vital piece of machinery was invented by Alva J. Fisher in 1908.  These washing machines use a three-phase version of the motor. In this type of motor, electromagnetic energy is transferred from a primary winding to a secondary winding separated by a gap of air. This is used in order to ensure a higher performance. Price: $300.00 + S&H

2: Induction Heater

This handy product was invented by Michael Faraday in 1831. There are three main parts to an induction heater: the power head, the work unit, and the coil. Induction heating is a non contact method, instead magnetic fields become very useful. Price: ONLY SOLD IN STORES

3: Rechargable Toothbrush

The Swiss inventor Dr. Philippe Guy Woog is credited with this invention. When two parts of a transformer, that is inside the brush, are brought together a small magnetic field is created. Then a resulting electric charge will give the battery power. But dont worry, these electrical parts will not be damaged by water! Price: $40.50 + S&H

4: Moka Pot

The Moka Pot is a stove top induction coffee maker. Similar to the induction rice cooker, this coffee maker uses magnetic fields to remain heated. Your coffee will never go cold again! These coffee makers will also make your coffee in record time! These were invented in 1933 by Alfonso Bialetti. Price: $55.50 + S&H

5: Shakeable Flashlight

This flashlight is said to be the eternity flashlight. This is because it is not battery powered. Instead, this tool uses electromagnetic induction. When a magnet inside hits the coil, a magnetic field is created. Price: $10.99 + S&H

6: Electric Scooter

These fancy transportation devices are powered by a battery. The electricity from the battery passes through wires that go in a loop around a magnetic field. The wires begin to spin, which makes the back wheel spin also. Price: $69.99 + S&H

7: Electric Generator

These convert kinetic energy into electrical energy. To make electric generators work, a wire coil is placed between two magnets and spun at a high speed. Because of this, an electric current is generated. Although Alosio Galvani was the first inventor, Michael Faraday improved on the original design and made it what it is today. Price: $ 19,999.99 + S&H

8: Induction Cooktop

Coils that are just below the cooktops surface have an alternating current. This produces a magnetic field. Then, when cookware is placed in the magnetic field, it is like the second conductor, and a current is induced on it. That current becomes heat inside the pot or pan, and cooking food is made possible! The induction cooker was first introduced at the 1933 worlds fair. Price: $89.99 + S&H

9: induction Rice Cooker

The induction rice cooker works in almost the same way as the induction cooktop, but instead of the magnetic field only being at the bottom, the field is all around the cooker. This means your rice will be evenly cooked by the heat which surrounds it. Yum, tastier and more evenly cooked rice! Price: $100.00 + S&H

10: Induction Cake Ball Maker

The indution cake ball maker is the first cake ball maker of its kind. the Induction Cake Ball Maker bakes your Cake Balls Evenly and perfect in the center. t works by surrounding the Cake Ball Mold in heat instead of it just being on the bottom. Price: $39.99 + S&H