Welcome Back 4E Families!

What a relaxing four day weekend! I hope you slept as much as I did, at the very least I hope you and your family got to spend some quality time with one another! Last Friday we had a WONDERFUL 100% turnout for our Learner-Led Conferences! You should be very proud of your learners they practiced and practiced and were prepared to present you their progress so far. I am always so excited to see you all so Friday was such a fun and refreshing time for this teacher!

This week we get our library time back...YAY!!! The learners have definitely earned some quality time with Mrs. Alaniz and they have been craving some reading time. As always, please encourage your learners to be reading chapter books as they will challenge their brains and stretch their imaginations!

This Friday is GENIUS HOUR once again, and we are more than excited as we lost our Genius Hour last week! Don't hesitate to ask your learners about their plan and purpose as they are all quite fascinating!!

A quick overview of what we are covering this week:

  • MATH: we are finishing our decimals module, working on breaking apart and decoding word problems, ready for our next module next week...FINANCIAL LITERACY!
  • ELAR: Summary, Plot, and finally...WRITING!!!
  • SCIENCE: More Magnet explorations
  • SOCIAL STUDIES: Road Trip across Texas!!
  • SPELLING: This week we are going over adding -s and -es to turn our words plural

As always, I am more than thankful for your constant support, and please never hesitate to email me any concerns! Much Love 4E families!!