Brian's Winter

Brayden Austin

Title and Author

Title: Brian's Winter

Author: Gary Paulsen


The genre of this book is non-fiction. This book is non-fiction because the events that happened in this book didn't really take place, but it could really happen.


The theme of this story is to believe in yourself and trust yourself. Many times in this story Brian doubted he could survive alone in the harsh wilderness by himself. He kept a positive outlook and accomplished what needed to be done to survive.


The protagonist in this book was Brian Robeson. Brian was the one that was stranded in the Canadian wilderness. He had to fight to survive until he was found by a family of Native-American trappers that lived there in the winter.


The antagonist of this book was the weather and nature. The weather was so cold Brian had do make rabbit and deerskin clothes to keep from freezing to death. Nature also took a huge roll in this story. Brian got attacked by bears, moose, and almost got sprayed by a skunk.

Main Character

The main character in this book was Brian Robeson. Brian's strengths were being able to make all the necessary tools and equipment he needed to survive. His weaknesses were getting sad when ever he thought or dreamed of his family. The personal connections I have with Brian are loving and enjoying the outdoors, and liking to go hunt and eat what I kill.

Quote: "All I need is some barbecue sauce... ," "And a coke." Pg. 86.


The setting in this story took place in the Canadian wilderness. This is were Brian had to fight to survive. This setting impacts the story because it snowed a lot and made everything hard to do. It also rained a lot and the temperatures went below 0 degrees. The forest also supplied Brian with the food and supplies he needed.

Main Conflicts

The main conflicts in this story were when Brian got attacked by a moose, when a tree almost fell on him, and when he had poor clothes for the cold weather. The external conflicts were the weather being so cold and animals badly injuring him. The internal conflicts are Brian's thoughts about his family. The climax of the story are when Brian hears gunshots and finds the Native-American family. The resolution was getting on the bush plane that came every six weeks to deliver supplies, and fly back home on it.


I thought that this book was outstanding. I loved all the wilderness stuff and being able to survive in nature through the harsh winter. I love being in nature like Brian does. I thought this book is one of the best books I have ever read.