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Graduation Tickets for Seniors and Families ~ Reminder for Lottery Drawing

Next week, seniors will receive 6 tickets to share with their invited guests. Graduates do NOT require a ticket, so all 6 are for their guests. Families who do not need all six tickets are encouraged to share your tickets with each other. You may contact each other to make these arrangements.

We have a small surplus of tickets that will be made available by lottery drawing. Please email lynn.ojeda@pisd.edu to be registered for our lottery drawing by Monday, May 16th at 5:00pm. The lottery drawing will take place on Tuesday, May 17th, and registered families who receive an additional ticket via the lottery will be notified by Wednesday, May 18th.

Chromebooks ~ Returns and Charges for Damages

On Tuesday, May 31st, we will collect Chromebooks from our learners. Learners are expected to bring their Chromebooks and charger cords in good shape. In the event that there is damage to the computer or a lost charger, your learner should be prepared to pay the following fees:

New Device Replacement: $279.00

Reissued Device: $250.00

Broken Screen: $90.00

Keyboard: $52.00

Power Adaptor and Cord $32.00

Additional charges may be assessed by the district.

Damage fees that are not paid before summer break will result in no device issued to the learner in the 2016-2017 school until resolved. If you are in need of a payment plan, please contact Mrs. Brar at gurpreet.brar@pisd.edu

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The NHS Induction Ceremony will be held on Thursday May 19th at 6:30pm at the Academy. All new members are required to attend so they can be inducted. Continuing members are also encouraged to come and support their fellow learners. The PTSA will be providing refreshments following the ceremony. If you have any questions, please contact Stephanie Hirsch at stephanie.hirsch@pisd.edu. We hope to see you all there!!

Senior Banquet ~ RSVP Reminder!

The Senior Banquet will be on Wednesday, June 1st from 6:30 - 8:00 pm, at Spaghetti Warehouse on 15th and Central.

The link to sign up for the dinner is:


Select My ToolKit and Scroll to Senior Banquet to register.

Graduates sign up separately from Families and Guests.

The sign up deadline is May 24.

Seniors attending are guests of our PTSA who will pay for their meal. Families and invited guests will sign up separately for $11.00 per person which will include:

Choice of Entrée:

Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce

Spaghetti with Meat Sauce

Spaghetti with Meat Balls

Fettuccine Alfredo


Baked Pepperoni Spaghetti

*Entree includes Bread, Salad and drink

We look forward to seeing you there and celebrating our seniors' next steps!

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Please share this information with interested parties so that they may contact me directly via email:

I am delighted to reach out to you as we are seeking non-paid internships for our rising seniors. I would love to include your business or network contacts in our internship job fair on Thursday, May 19th from 1:30 -3:30 pm. See our career interests below!

We are very flexible with our internship hosts ~ I hope you will say yes as I know you won't be disappointed in meeting potential interns in the internship job fair. Minimally, our students will have an authentic interview experience, and hopefully, you will find a young Titan who would make a great addition to your team for a time (30 or more hours) during the summer.
Here is our internship information for your review, and I look forward to hearing back from you!

I welcome a meeting with you to share any additional information you may need ~ we would love to "get to yes!" as our learners always say.

Lynn Ojeda


1st Year E-News By Alexander Gonzalez

This has been a very productive and time-consuming week for the First Years’ current project, Lights, Camera, Action t This week, the First Years created storyboards for their movie trailers. Trailers were based off the Shakespearean modernizations they created last week.They chose the best moments from their scripts to create a trailer full of action, suspense, and great storytelling. These trailers are due May 23rd. Another major assessment going on this week was the Musical Instrument challenge in Physics, where learners continued to work on a musical instrument that can play a whole octave and is louder than 25 decibels. Working both in the Fab Lab and outside of school, First Years have come up with many unique designs for their instrument. With only one full week left in this project, and now only 2 weeks left of the school year, the First Years now look forward to the premiere of their trailers at the LCA Academy Awards on May 25.

2nd Year E-News By Jonathan Main

Last week, Second Year learners reached the halfway point of Project Y and participated in mock presentations to a mystery audience. After receiving constructive feedback from the practice panel, many teams have realized how little time remains and how much they still need to do. As they work all day to ensure that they will be ready on presentation day, the learners’ logos, research papers, sustainability plans, models, and prototypes are being finalized as the Titans finish up hammering out the details. While practicing their pitch, one Second Year called out, “Let’s run through it again, I want this to be perfect.” With presentations coming up on May 25 and 26th, the Second Years are sprinting towards the finish line, excited to end their year on a high note.

3rd Year E-News By David Yang

After successful presentations on Monday with various community participants and parents, learners received peer-review feedback, 3rd Year learners packed up the remnants of Going Viral. Nearly immediately, they broke ground on their new project, Now and Later. This new project will teach learners how to plan for college through essay writing, career prep, and financial lessons, and ultimately launch them into their 4th and final year at the Academy.

4th Year E-News By Emily Ware

This week, Fourth Years have been busy completing scrapbooks for their presentation “pits.” Most learners have completed their Bildungsroman essays, one of many deliverables designed to help Fourth Years reflect on their time at the Academy. Many are also busy testing their RC cars and experimenting with different speeds to determine what speed works best in the designed course. Each group was also responsible for designing 1/18th of the course, each team having been given a 10x10 foot space with which to work. The course runs through the entirety of the first floor project area. Pit and race presentations will be May 24th from 6-7:30pm. This will be the last presentation the Class of 2016 will complete in their Academy careers.

Upcoming Events

5/14 Junior/Senior Prom

5/19 3rd Year Internship Job Fair

5/19 NHS Induction by invitation

5/20 Southwest Airlines Titan Talk - 3rd Years

5/23 4th Years Wacky Racers presentation event 6-8 pm

5/24 2nd Year Parent Info Night @ 6:30 pm Dome (dual credit, math choice, internships)

5/25 2nd Year Projet Y? presentation event 1-4:30pm

5/25 PTSA General Meeting and 1st Year presentation event Lights, Camera, Action

5/26 Learner Recognition Ceremony by invitation

5/27,30 Learner Holidays

5/31 - 6/3 Early Release @ 1:30

6/1 Senior Banquet Save the Date - RSVP and more info next week

6/2 Stay Day with Food Trucks sponsored by PTSA

6/2 Graduation Rehearsal @ 2:30 and Senior Facilitator Picnic and Senior Sunset @ 7:00

6/3 Graduation!