Fear of Balloons


Fearing perhaps not the balloons, but the sound they make when pop! Sending these kind of people into a panic attack, because the sound it makes is loud like a gunshot and sudden without warning or expected. Sometimes can be merged with Fear of Clowns since there's a possibility for them to be in the same place. Commonly found in children, but some continues onto adulthood.

How bad?

It's embarrassing, but people with this phobia will often try to come up with excuses to get away from any balloons. Could be just holding one, sounds of one, or smelling one. Getting panic attacks, trembling, shaking, sweating, increased heart rate, etc. From just balloons. Even squeaking a balloon can be terrifying to a kid!


Therapy and counseling is usually best to overcome the phobia. Drugs is a solution to help relief from the phobia.

Video of The Phobia

WARNING!! Blood and gore is presented in the video, Scary stuff here man.

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