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What is the capital of Grenada?

The capital of Grenada is St. George

What are two major cities in Grenada?

The two major countries are St. George and Gouyave

Was Grenada controlled by another country?

No Grenada was not controlled by another countries

Did Grenada gain independence?

Yes the did gain independence

When did they gain independence?

In 1974

Is Grenada still controlled by another country?


What's Grenada's official language?

There official language is English

Where is Grenada?

Grenada is in South America

What are three physical features about Grenada?

Three physical features are mountains,rivers and vegetation

What type of government does Grenada have?

Grenada has a constitutional monarchy

Who is the leader of Grenada?

Keith Mitchell is the leader of Grenada

Is Grenada in good terms with other countries?

What is the currency of Grenada?

The currency is east Caribbean dollar

What's Grenada's economic system?

There economic system is socialism

What does Grenada import?

They import food, manufactured goods, machinery, chemicals, and fuel

From where does Grenada import?

They import from United States 31.2%, Caricom 23.6%, United Kingdom 13.8%, Japan 7.1% (1991)

What does Grenada export?

They export crops are the spices nutmeg,mace,cocoa, citrus fruits,bananas,cloves, and cinnamon.

Where does Grenada export goods?

They export goods to Caricom 32.3%, United Kingdom 20%, United States 13%, Netherlands 8.8%

Why should people visits Grenada?

They should visit Grenada for Serene, tropical vegetation, fruits, spices and vegetables in abundance, beautiful beaches, crystal clear, turquoise waters, waterfalls, very friendly people, swimming, scuba diving, snorkeling, sunning, sailing, hiking, sightseeing

What should tourists do?

They should go to the beaches ang go to see the waterfall as long as snorkeling

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