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Confused on the meaning of legal terms?

If you are the PLAINTIFF that means you are the person filing the complaint. When you are the DEFENDANT that means you are the one who did wrong. COMPLAINT is a written statement that is going to begin your lawsuit. When you are SUMMONED, it means that you are being ordered to appear in court. PLEADINGS are written descriptive statements filed with the court. Have you heard about a PRETRIAL CONFERENCE? This is a meeting where we will get together with the judge and the defendants lawyer and discuss your case. MEDIATION is an attempt to solve the problem without taking it to court. ARBITRATION is the hearing and determination of the dispute.TRIAL is the examination of the facts by a judge. When you hear about PREPONDERANCE OF EVIDENCE know that this is where they will decide in favor of one side or the other. Your VERDICT is going to be the decision of innocence or guilt.


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