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February 2016 Updates

Internship Time

Now is the time for all Juniors (and eager Sophomores) to register and be ready for the spring and summer internship opportunities. We have 15 students placed already in summer internships at The Hartford, Travelers and Cigna and we are expecting to place at least another 70 students this summer. We also have 6 spring internship opportunities already lined up with more to come. Please visit our website to learn about the details of submitting a Cover Letter, Application and Resume to share with prospective employers.

Senior Class Holding a Fundraiser

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Pitney Bowes Mentor Momentum Challenge

Congratulations to team Fem-tor on being selected as one of 10 Finalists for the

Pitney Bowes Mentor Momentum Challenge. Here's our chance to advance to the next level by voting for Team Fem-tor. Please click here to vote.

Team Fem-tor created

an app that addresses this issue by assisting girls who are interested in the STEM fields. Fem-tors allows them to connect with peer mentors so that they can learn and provide assistance to each other through the use of private messaging, Q&A forums, video conferencing, and monthly group challenges. Fem-tors also has monthly competitions that motivate women to actively participate in STEM. One of the many features that Fem-tors offers it the ability to communicate in private or group conversations to find the answer to a question. This encourages group effort in finding a solution to challenging problems.

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February Lunch Menu

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