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January 17, 2015

In Case You Missed It

Our PTSO candy sell is underway until Tuesday, January 27. All candies are $6 and will be delivered by Valentines Day. These can make nice gifts. We will have another turn in day on Thursday, January 22. Students that sell six boxes by then and bring the order form and money in will be able to spin the wheel of prizes on Friday afternoon. There will be another chance on the 22nd for those that sell nine items. Thank you for supporting the fundraiser and PTSO.

It was so wonderful to see Ellen Duncan back on Thursday! We so apprecite all that Mr. Reams did to hold down the fort while she was out with Quincey, but there's nothing like having a Stallion come back home.

Friday was Jackie Treado's and Laurie McCauley's last day working at SanLee. Their contributions are immeasurable. We wish them both well in their new positions. Once a Stallion Always a Stallion!

Mike Williams will be moving onto the eighth grade wing on Tuesday. If you are available, please offer your assistance as he gets settled into his new room and on his new team. We were not able to find anyone to take Mike's position, so all those enrolled in his classes for the second semester met with Jessica Cole, our new guidance counselor, and have made an alternative choice.

Speaking of Jessica, we are currently sharing her with Southern Lee High School 2-3 days a week. Their counselor is out on maternity leave. Central Office has hired another itinerate counselor. As soon this person is hired we will have Jessica full time!

Thank you to ALL for your flexiblity and committment to ensuring our testing went smoothly. Pam Sutton, Testing Coordinator at Central Office, retired and did not return after the Christmas holiday. Mr. Dietrich is juggling many balls right now in Accountiblity and Technology so please be patient for the ClassScape scores to be released and district data to be available. As soon as it is released to me, I will put it out to you.

Seventh and eighth grade ELA PLC's should plan to look at their data next week when they meet, since USA Test Prep data is available immediately. Our average did increase in both of these areas, as did the district. I will send out last quarter's benchmark spreadsheet so everyone can look at growth of your Core classes and subgroups.

Maslow's Hierarchy, Motivation, and Education

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs- Application to Education

All things AVID

Schoolwide AVID Strategies

Our district has a goal of ALL students graduating from high school with something more than a high school diploma. One way we are supporting this goal at SLMS is our goal to become a National Demonstration School. As we are working towards taking AVID school-wide, we are sharing, teaching, and incorporating strategies in our classrooms to help support our Stallions as they are stretching and learning.

Some of the strategies shared through our department meetings are:

  1. Cornell Notes
  2. One pagers
  3. Marking the text
  4. Philosophical Chairs
  5. Costas Levels of Questioning
  6. PQ5R
  7. Learning Logs
  8. KWL

Shane continues to update resources in our AVID file in the SanLee Middle School Google Drive folder. Please use him and our other AVID trained teachers (B. Marshall, C. Wicker, J. Schneider, K. Caldwell, K. Stuart, L. Velte) if you need support or a strategy to assist your students with WICOR; Writing, Inquiry, Collaboration, Organization, and Reading in the content areas.

Reflection: Where are we with AVID schoolwide? What are you doing to support our School Improvement Goal?

Coming Up:

Monday: No School

Tuesday: REQUIRED Workday - Admin across the county in media center until noon, Media center open to students from 1-3 for AR, basketball practice 2:30-4 Girls and 4-5:30 Boys

Wednesday: Susan Sutton during electives on social media, digitial footprint and sexting

Thursday: Basketball away at East Lee

SafeSchools Due!

Friday, Jan. 30th, 8am

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