Fox Forward

Returning to CMISD

Thank you all for your patience as we continue to develop a plan for moving forward with the education of our students during this pandemic. Committees have been meeting over the past few weeks to develop our plan called Fox Forward. Fox Forward is a comprehensive plan for in-person and online learning based on the guidance from the Texas Education Agency and local health officials. After parents and guardians review Fox Forward, we will ask for a commitment to one learning platform. This commitment will allow us to obtain numbers which will help solidify our planning for an August 20th start date.

The safety of our students and staff is paramount in every decision that we make. As we move forward, we appreciate your positivity and support. This pandemic has brought about many controversies, and the education of our children in Caddo Mills ISD does not have to be one of them. Let’s show our kids how to respect each others’ differences and viewpoints. Your choice of online or in-person learning will be respected, and we commit to working tirelessly for each one of our students.

We look forward to the new school year filled with great opportunities.

Luke Allison

Superintendent of Schools

Save the Date

First Day of School: August 20 (Online and Campus Based Learning)

Elementary Meet the Teacher: August 17 and August 18

  • Students will meet their teacher and drop off supplies at their scheduled time.
  • PreK, Kindergarten, and students new to CMISD: Click your school name below for details to make your online reservation!
  • Grades 1 - 5 Returning Students Drive Thru Parade: Click your school name below for additional details!

Griffis Elementary

Lee Elementary

Middle School and High School Meet the Teacher: August 18th

This will be for incoming 6th and 9th grade students, and any new to the district middle and high school students. Click on the links below to reserve a time slot!!

Middle School 6th Grade Meet the Teacher

Middle School New to the District Meet the Teacher

High School 9th Grade and New Student Meet the Teacher

FoxForward Overview

Our mission at CMISD is to provide a tradition of excellence where all students are educated through an innovative learning experience. Commitment to excellence will continue for Online Learning and Campus Based Learning plans. Both platforms will utilize curriculum adopted by CMISD and rigorous instruction.

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) has issued mandates and recommendations for all Texas schools. CMISD will follow guidelines and consider recommendations provided by Texas Education Agency (TEA), University Interscholastic League (UIL), Department of State Health Services, (DSHS), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and local health departments, as well as the executive orders of Governor Greg Abbott. The guidelines for online and on campus learning are subject to change pending further communication from the listed agencies and needs of the district.

Families should complete our CMISD Instructional Commitment Form to register for Online Learning or Campus Based Learning. Families are encouraged to complete the form for each school aged child by July 31, 2020.

Campus Based Learning

Campus Based Learning will offer the same rigorous instruction and varied learning opportunities students have experienced at CMISD.

Students and teachers will attend class in-person, five days a week, with additional health and safety measures in place.

Google Classroom will be incorporated with our face to face instruction as our digital learning platform. Should students be required to learn remotely, high-quality instruction will continue through virtual learning.

This may include a combination of:

  • Live instruction from CMISD teachers
  • Regular interaction with CMISD staff
  • Pre-recorded lessons from CMISD teachers
  • CMISD adopted online curriculum support

Online Learning

Online Learning will use the same curriculum tools and follow the same scope and sequence as Campus Based Learning. High-quality, data driven instruction from CMISD staff will be offered daily.

Students will:

  • Be engaged in the virtual classroom and / or recorded lessons.
  • Collaborate with peers and teachers.
  • Submit hand-written or virtual assignments.
  • Participate in district assessments and monitoring tools.
  • Follow the same grading requirements found in the Student Handbook.
  • Be monitored for daily attendance and participation.
  • Receive appropriate intervention and enrichment.

Given the time to prepare for virtual instruction, Fox Forward Online Learning will offer a much more rigorous and hands-on curriculum than instruction from the Spring of 2020. Time spent engaged in learning and completing assignments will be closely aligned to on campus instruction. Parents will be offered a Virtual Parent Meeting to review guidelines and expectations.


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