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April 13, 2022

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April 13, 2022, BOE Meeting

Pledge of Allegiance

Frank C. Whiteley invited its students from the Whiteley Wildcat Crew to lead the Pledge of Allegiance, facilitated by Mr. Tieman and Mr. Armamentos. This amazing group of 5th and 6th grade students supports various activities within their school including treats for troops, kindness week, creating videos reteaching PBIS expectations, working with younger students, and so much more. Thank you Wildcat Crew, you make us #ProudToBe15!

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Student Recognition

All 4th - 8th Grade students had an opportunity to participate in grade level and their school Spelling Bees. The winner from each school then advanced to our annual District Spelling Bee Competition, held on February 1, 2022. We are so proud of all of these amazing spellers and excited to watch the winner from our District Bee Plum Grove student, Avyay, advance to the National Spelling Bee this June. Congratulations spellers!

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Staff Recognition

Aiysha Ahmed is a Program Assistant at Lake Louise Elementary School. She is always looking to help out in any way she can. Mrs. Ahmed serves as a substitute teacher when needed, helps students who need additional math support, and also works in our CARE program! Earlier this year, Aiysha was assisting with lunch supervision when she noticed a student choking. She alerted the office and in the meantime, began performing the Heimlich Maneuver. By the time the school nurse arrived, Aiysha had saved the day! Aiysha's quick response and use of her training were invaluable! Thank you, Mrs. Ahmed, for all you do for our students and school!

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Transportation Update - 3-Tier Schedule for the 2022-23 School Year

Dr. Kowalczyk, Deputy Superintendent, and Thomas Bramley, Director of Transportation presented another update from the Transportation Department. District 15’s updated 3-tier bell schedule was implemented on February 23, 2022. Implementing the 3-Tier schedule in the 2021-2022 school year afforded the district the opportunity to engage local police departments, building and district administrators, private and parochial schools, park districts running our before and after school programs, and our drivers out on the roads. Doing so allowed us to make necessary adjustments for next year.

3-Tier Schedule for 2022-23 School Year:

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Teaching and Learning Curriculum Adoption

Dr. Schnoor, Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning, Robyn Cook, Director of Curriculum, and Emily McFadden, Director of Curriculum, presented information on the K-5 math, 6-8 Science, and 7-8 English/Language Arts (ELA) curriculum pilot and professional development plan and related adoption.

District 15 continues to move forward with its Research, Design, Improve, and Monitor/Modify (RDIM) system, which directs how we structure our collaborative, yet comprehensive curriculum review process. Specifically, this multi-year plan ensures we review current offerings, research best practices, pilot materials, and adopt a new curricular resource while also providing job-embedded learning and feedback cycles to engage staff and monitor progress.

View the Teaching and Learning Curriculum presentation here.

Multilingual Programs

Renee Urbanski, Assistant Superintendent for Multilingual Programs, and Kari Keith, Director of Multilingual Programs, presented an update for their department. The Multilingual Department shared an update focused on district-wide efforts to accelerate and celebrate academic language acquisition for our English learners and share the impact of their efforts on student growth.

The department also shared an update on its work in building a cohesive curriculum that leads to high levels of bilingualism, biliteracy, and biculturalism for all of our students. They shared an amazing video featuring students (below) sharing the ways their education is preparing them for their future.

Multilingual Department - Our Education Is Preparing Us To...

Official Last Day of School!

Lisa Nuss, Assistant Superintendent for Human Resources, presented the revised official school calendar with the official last day of school announced as June 3, 2022. The District used one emergency day this year so our last day of school, barring any other emergency days needed this year, will be Friday, June 3, 2022.

View the 2021-2022 revised official school calendar here.

Committee Reports

Education Research Development (ED-RED) Organization

Board Member Annerino shared a legislative update.

one-Five Foundation

Board Member Taylor reminded families that Teacher Tributes are available through April 28! Submit your Teacher Tribute today! Taylor also shared the success of the 50/50 raffle and thanked those who purchased a ticket that supports the Foundation.

Finance Committee

Board Members Hunt and Wang shared there are no new updates from the Finance Committee.

Equity Committee

Board Member Zubair Khan shared that he attended the first meeting of a Portrait of a Graduate this week. Board members Ader and Khan will both be participating on the Portrait of a Graduate committee.