Your Success Story Begins Here

Welcome to IDVA & IVHS Orientation

Quarter 4 Begins on Thursday, April 6, 2017

Thursday, April 6th, 8am

This is an online event.

Q4 starts on Thursday, April 6, 2017. Make sure to complete your orientation items shown below so that you are ready for success on Day 1.

The start time for the first day of school is 8am. Getting an early start on this day will give you the opportunity to attend a live orientation session with your principal and your homeroom teacher, and it will allow you to plan your day and the rest of your week.

Your school day start time after the first day will likely have more flexibility.


Every student and family has been where you are right now--at the beginning, wondering how to start, and hoping that this new school will be the right choice and a good fit.

With your IDVA & IVHS staff as your partner, you'll proceed through the required steps below to ensure that both of you--student and learning coach--are ready to start your story of success on the first day of school. If you have questions at any point along the way, please contact me-- Andrea Wells--at I'm here to help.

#1 Set up Learning Coach (LC) and Student Accounts. To get started, watch this short video which shows and explains this easy process.


NOTE: if you don't know what your Registration ID is, please contact Andrea Wells at

Then, go to to actually create your accounts.

#2 Complete the ORN010 Online Learning Course. This course will cover all of the skills and knowledge you will need to navigate your new school and to be successful here. The course will take a few hours to complete, so get started as soon as possible.

After the student account has been created in Step #1, above, the student should log on to his/her account at (click on OLS Login at the upper right; enter UN & PW), and then click on the Classes link at the left of the school home screen. On the Classes page, the student will see a card with ORN010 Online Learning on it. Click on the card to start the course.

#3 Ask questions whenever you have them. We are here to help, and we want to hear from you as soon as you have a question or a problem. Email me or call me at
  • 208-954-3185

Teachers, Counselors, and High School Support Specialists are ready to help guide and assist when you need help.

Who should you contact, and how should you do it?

Teachers: Contact them about specific course and assignment questions

Counselors: Students in all grade levels may contact counselors about personal / family issues that interfere with school; 504 Plans

Counselors: IDVA 11th & 12 grade students may also contact counselors for verification (VOC) forms; changing/adding/dropping courses; college & career info; sign up for SAT, ACT, PSAT, etc.; graduation requirements; IVHS 12th grade students may contact their counselor for the items listed here.

High School Support Specialists (HSSS): IDVA 9th & 10th grade students may contact HSSS about verification (VOC) forms; changing/adding/dropping courses; graduation requirements; IVHS 9th - 11th grade students may contact their HSSS for the items listed here.

Who is your counselor?

Idaho Virtual Academy (IDVA)
Mr. Mark Rodel, 11th & 12th grade, last names A-K:
Mrs. Jessica Lecertua, 11th & 12th grade, last names L-Z:

Idaho Vision High School (IVHS)
Mr. Jesse Altsuler, 12th grade, all last names:

Who is your High School Support Specialist (HSSS)?

Idaho Virtual Academy (IDVA)
Ms. Debbie Thomas (9th & 10th grade, last names A-K):
Mrs. Teresea Bannister (9th & 10th grade, last names L-Z):

Idaho Vision High School (IVHS)
Mrs. Logan Trimble (9th-11th grade students, all last names):