Computer Components

Kai Found

Computers and how they work

A computer runs on a operating system and is meant for the use of one person at a time. One computer component is a ROM or Read Only Memory. ROM`s are built in computer memory`s and they hold data onto the computer but it can only be read and you cannot reply to them. That is why some saving sytems are called R-Drives.


RAM or Random Access Memory is a data saving device that can be accessed quickly and on any storage device so it is random. It is also put up on the storage in a random order. The storage that it is put up in is called the R-Drive.


A ROM is a Read Only Memory which is inserted with a certain bit of information on it that is put on when it is made. They are also called firmware and the chips that they are on are not only used in computers but other bits of software to such as Smart Phones.


CPU`s or Central Processing Unit`s are in computers on Motherboards. It is the most important part in any computer or laptop as they are basically like our heart but in a computer. Without a CPU in your computer you wouldn`t be able to do calculations,play games or even use the internet which computers are for.

Computer Disc Drives

A Computer Disc Drive is in every computer. It is in the main storage media system in computers and stores all the data on the computer storage systems. If we didn`t have a disc drive in our computer we wouldn`t be able to do some work and then come back to edit it the next time you go on the computer.


A monitor is the screen that you see the thing that you are doing on. You can have a monitor on lots of things as well as computers. If you didn`t have a Computer Monitor then you wouldn`t be able to see what you were doing and you wouldn`t be able to see if you had a high quality bit of work.


A Motherboard is always found on modern computers and are important because they hold the CPU (Central Processing Unit) and also the Memory. A Motherboard connects all the elictrical systems in the computer and allow the computer to communicate. In Motherboard`s there are usually installed with a cooling system as if the Motherboard overheats it can damage the internal computer and cause it to crash.

Input`s and Output`s

Input devices allow us to put information that is on it`s own into a computer. The computer then processes this information and turns into information that we can find out with Output devices. Therecan be manual or automatic Input devices. A few examples area joystick and a computer mouse.


There are a few different ways that touchscreen monitors work. Some touchscreens work with sensors and another way that touchscreens work is with electrical currents. Then when your finger touches it they reflectsome of the waves back so that it knows where your finger is and can then do what you are telling it to do.