Mother and Lee

Zekiel Cinqmars

Back Ground

she was born Feb. 29, 1736 England died Sept. 1784 NY

she worked at a textile mill as a child and then was married in 1762

when she was 22 she joined a sect known as shaking Quakers

she was imprisoned in England because of religious reasons

in prison she formed her religious ideals and when she got out she moved to america with her family.

she became the leader of the United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing

Religious Moment

  • Ann Lee started a religious movement
  • Ann Lee believed that Christ was the masculine half of god and that she was the female half of god
  • she brought the shaker movement to the Americas the new England area
  • her followers formed a settlement called Niskeyuna
  • she converted thousands in New England and began to be called mother lee
  • the shakers thought that Christ was the masculine half of god and that Ann Lee was the female other half
  • they believed she was Christs second coming

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Shaker Heritage Society Info Video from Tri-City NYPS


do you think she was the leader of a cult?

do you think that if she didn't go to prison she would not of became a religious leader?

do you think if she tried to star the shakers in the south would it work?