Ancient Egyptian Entertainment

Andrew Rhode


After the Egyptians would get home from work their children would put on a play for them and the adults would be laid-back and very calm and quiet. In the plays the children would were mask's. The mask they wore then are very different from the one people wear today. The mask's today are much more fancy. The Egyptians would not wear costume they would just wear what they always wear. The Egyptians would also make up their own dance.
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More Information

The Egyptians were the first ones to make comic books. At first they sold really well. At first they liked the comic books but then somebody stole one of them and they copied the Egyptians and the Egyptians couldn't sell them any more because the person that stole them gave them away for free.
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Family Time

Most of the time the Egyptians would spend time with their kids. They did this because most of the time their kids would entertain their parents. One thing the kids did was make jokes. Another thing they would do is put on plays. The kids would also do many other things to Entertain their parents.
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Most of the time if the Egyptians wanted to play games they would have to make up a game. The would play games like Hid and Seek or they would play Simon says. Here is a picture of a game they played
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The kids would also have pets. They did not have dogs they had birds. They did not keep them in a cage. They had no way to keep them from flying away. The only thing they could do is hope that the bird will not fly away. They also had other pets.

One of the other pets was a snake. They did not have cages for the snakes either. Once again the only thing they could do is hope it does not run away.

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The Egyptians would also listened to music. But they did not have a radio. Then you ask then how did they listen to music. The answer is that they had people sing in front of them. They also had dancers. Then you ask how did they learn how to dance. The answer is that one day a person was cleaning and then when he got done he started to dance but he didn't know it.

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