Victoria cruises

Yangtze River cruise

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Victoria cruises ships are specially made to travel the Yangtze River. All the ships are rated five stars by the china national tourism administration and all have a spectacular scenery of the land.


Some services they provide on the ships are.

  • Fitness room: variety of equipment
  • Health clinic: Doctor specializes in Chinese and western treatments
  • Laundry:We offer same day laundry services
  • Reading room: We Offer books and magazines to read in a quit room
  • Phone calls and faxes: We have the best satellite communication systems
  • Smoking: No smoking indoors smoking only allowed in the designated area outdoor on deck
  • Water: Is offered through thermos in room and bottled in restaurants
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We have a wide variety of Chinese gifts and souvenirs for family, friends, or for your own personal collections. You will find souvenirs from Yangtze destinations, oriental clothing, Victoria logo items, post cards, and more


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