Media Center

Help Needed

Teachers this flyer is just to inform you all of the things I am finding in the Media Center. I have gone over these things with all of the students from 1st through 4th grade. I know it is hard to monitor but I really need your help. I am trying not to be a pain but if I have to spend every afternoon to clean up behind students, when they are capable to cleaning up after themselves, then it takes away from me doing things like repairing books, processing new materials, bringing training to you and writing curriculum and preparing for computer lab classes. I have witnessed students being brought into the Media Center and as soon as they hit the door they are running to check out books and teachers are behind the counter checking in and out books. I have seen some teachers make their students stop at the plug and wait for them to check in books so they can go around and monitor what students are doing as they choose books and students wait for them up at the check out counter. Then they go check out the line of students. I just really would like for us to work together to help fix this. Another thing that is happening is I am finding lots of books in the wrong spots and teachers can't find books they are looking for because they are not being checked in and out correctly or shelved correctly. Please if it is your duty week, make sure books are getting back on the shelves in the right spots. Also make sure the computer is actually checking in and out books to the correct student and registering the check out and in process. I know this is a lot but it is vital for us to work together to keep our current Media Center running and functional for all.

Shelf Markers Are Still Being Left Out

Books stacked on top being thrown all over the shelves making a mess

Students have been told they may NOT go through stacks of books to find a book to check out. They can choose a book that is standing up where they can see the title but they have been told the stacks of books are there for teachers to shelve. This mess left on top by them digging through stacks is not okay.

Books being left all over the Media Center in wrong places