Plastic Surgeon

Duties and Tasks

(1) Specialize in a particular kind of surgery (2) Analyze patients’ medical histories (3) Order and interpret tests, such as x-rays (4) Plan and perform surgery (5) Arrange for post-operative care for patients and check on their progress

Where do i work? Plastic surgeons work in hospitals, clinics, and private practices. Patients are often referred to them from family physicians or other medical centers.

Conditions- Surgeons typically spend part of their day in the office doing consultations, part of it seeing patients in the hospital, and part of it in the operating room.

Abilities Needed- English, Mathematics, Physical Sciences, Biology, Social Studies - Geography, Health & Physical Education, & Computers.

The best and worst parts of being a plastic surgeon..

(1) the worst part is .... Seeing how beautiful people are before they get plastic surgery and how nasty and ugly they're when the get done with plastic surgery..

(1) the best part of being a plastic surgeon.. Helping with birth defects....

The salary in a hour/year.



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