Biomedical Engineer

What do they do?

Biomedical Engineers develop new devices and procedures that solve health and medical related problems.

Cool Fact

When you are a Biomedical Engineer, you have the freedom to come up with new and cool things like maybe a prosthetic leg that reacts to your movement, or a disc to put in someones spine to help them walk more freely.

How Does It Benifet Society?

When someone has chronic neck pain, a Biomedical Engineer can put in a flexible artificial disk to replace a damaged cervical disc, relieving them of the neck pain.

What Do You Need To Qualify For This Job?

In college, prospective biomedical engineers usually select engineering as a field of study, and then choose a discipline concentration within engineering. Some students will major in biomedical engineering, while others might major in chemical.

Personality To Get The Job

Creative, analytical, responsible, with excellent communication skills and an interest in helping people by solving new and complex problems.

Annual Salary Or Wages

The minimum is $15,080 a year, and the mean is $45,230 a year, and the Biomedical Engineer is $84,670 a year.

Projected Job Growth

Much faster than the average job growth ( 21% or more ).

Companies That Hire In This Feild

Becton Dickinson, Medtronic, And Siemens.